State Secretary

September 2020

Happy New Fiscal Year, and the start of a great year for the Knights of Columbus in Indiana.  By now you should know that Supreme has waived their per capita for this year due to the Covid-19 virus limiting Council fundraising activities.  We at the State Council have also provided a refund on our annual per capita.  With the cancelling of the on-site convention at the end of last year our expenses were reduced.  So we divided that dividend up and refunded each Council a $1.82 per regular member.  We would have liked to provide the Councils with the same offer as Supreme but here in Indiana we charge and use our per capita based upon the cost to run the State Council. We don’t have the monetary reserves that Supreme has. 

Thank you to the Councils that continued to work so hard during these difficult times. We truly appreciate your efforts.  The State of Indiana has re-opened for business so I am hopeful that the Councils that curtailed operations can resume their work for Christ.  Let’s get behind the Leave No Neighbor Behind program.  First step is to check on all of our Brother Knights to make sure everyone is taken care of.  Then we need to work with our Parishes to do the same in the Parish. Please know that the State is here ready to assist you in this endeavor.

I did want to highlight a new program that the State of Indiana started last February.  We started a new multi-media platform radio broadcast called Knight Vision.  This program is on each month on the first Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm on Catholic Radio Indy.  We are currently working to contact additional catholic radio stations in Indiana to see about sharing this program statewide.  If you have any contacts with the local stations please share them with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We also share the program as a Podcast through Catholic Radio Indy’s website and through the Indiana K of C website ( under our communications tab.

Lot’s more to consider this year, but I will share those thoughts in the future newsletters.  Thank you for all you are doing.  Keep us informed, so that we can share those ideas with your brother Knights around the State and remember we do all of this in the name of Christ.

Vivat Jesus!

Scott Schutte
Indiana Knights of Columbus
State Secretary
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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