Online Membership Chairman

November 2022

Brothers, I am pleased to share some great updates with the online membership signup process that is better for new Knights, Councils and myself as Online Membership Chairman for the Indiana jurisdiction. The online form has been reduced to one form instead of 3 separate forms. The amount of information required to be filled out has been reduced to require only necessary information. What these means is you can have a new Knight signup online instantly with you without the need for them to click on an access link to fill out additional forms or complete the signup process. They now only have a confirmation email they receive which they have to click on to confirm they did signup online. This will make the signup process easier for church drives! The other great news, is a new simplified email is sent to Grand Knights, District Deputies and Online Membership Chairmen. I will continue to send an email for new Knights who do not enter a council number (Knights that are assigned to Indiana jurisdiction council 97013 and not to a specific council). I will copy and paste the basic details provided in the email for ease for Grand Knights and District Deputies. Again, you will get an email from me, if I assign a member to your council. The other automated emails will come to you already and it would be redundant to forward you an email you already are getting. No one likes to get duplicate/ unnecessary emails. An example of the automated emails you will receive when a Knight elects your council is shown below:

When I assign an online member to a council, I will email the council and district deputy mailboxes. An example would be if I assign a member to Council 5521, I will sent an email to and to inform the Council and District Deputy. The Grand Knight should be checking the Council email box on a regular basis all ready as previously highlighted by the Indiana State Officers. All official state council business is sent to these email accounts that the state furnishes for ALL Councils. Overview on online members (eMembers) When a Catholic gentleman signs up online, they have a section to enter a specific council number if they know which council they want to join. Those signups go directly into the Prospect tab for a council that can be viewed daily by the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary. An email is automatically sent as well to the GK and FS. Each council should be proactive in reading in the candidate and getting them to go through an Exemplification. Once they complete the Exemplification, the GK or FS can enter their ceremony date in and then the eMember will be added as a new member within 24-48 hours. When a Catholic gentleman signs up online and they leave the council number box blank, an email is sent to the Online Membership Chairman for each state. I get those emails and then I will assign the new Knight (eMember) to the best suited council. The GK and FS would then be able to see these in the Prospect tab. The same process should be followed with reading in the candidate and then getting them to an Exemplification. Once the State Program Guide is available, I will begin emailing the GK and FS for each council when I assign an eMember to their council. Free Membership code for eMembers As we continue to celebrate the Oct. 31, 2020 Beatification of our beloved founder, Blessed Michael J. McGivney, please enter the Promo Code BLESSEDMCGIVNEY for 12 months of free online membership. When a new brother joins make sure he is read in at your council and exemplified as quickly as possible. If your Council does not have the resources to conduct a live exemplification, there are many alternatives. Work with your District Deputy to see if another council is hosting an exemplification. Set up a time where you can have them watch through Supreme’s website the on demand exemplification with yourself, another brother Knight or Field Agent. They may also attend the live online exemplification that is listed on the state calendar. Many times the reason a fellow Catholic man is not a Knight, is because someone never asked them to join. Be that brother Knight and invite them to join us!

Remember to scan the QR code below to get them to the website to sign up quickly!

SK Ryan M. Grill DD, FN, PGK
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
Online Membership Chairman
Vivat Jesus