Veterans Affairs Chairman

September 2023

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Brother Knights!
 Many THANKS for your Great Support!!:   THE GREAT BOURBON RAFFLE:   We are now wrapping up our fund raising “Great Bourbon Raffle” to raise money to support Seminarian scholarships for those discerning to one day become US Military Chaplains (Co-Sponsored  Seminarians using the Blessed Fr Michael McGivney Scholarship); as well as being able to sponsor Wounder Warriors and/ or their Caregiver to the International Military Pilgrimage in Lourdes, France in May 2024.  The support of our Indiana Knights, Councils, 4th Degree Assemblies and many “friends of the Knights” has been outstanding – and you all are ensuring the Bourbon Raffle will be a huge success for the Knights of Columbus!

 When the State Newsletter is delivered on 1 September, there will only be 3 days left before our Grand Prize Drawings on Labor Day, Monday, 4 September.  Right now – it looks like we will sell over 180 Tickets – at a cost of $100 per ticket.   That money – plus the other “traditional Donations” to our “Warriors to Lourdes” and “Blessed Fr Michael McGivney Seminarian Scholarship” funds will give our Indiana Jurisdiction a strong financial base to continue advancing our strong Veteran-related Programs.  

 The members of our “Veterans Affairs Working Group (VAWG)” have been working to set up, execute, monitor and complete the Bourbon Raffle since last August – so it has been 12+ months of effort.  My specific thanks to our Working Group Team Members:  Sir Knight Pat Glavin (lead innovator for the Bourbon Raffle concept); Sir Knight Jerry Bromley (lead “Financial Accountant” for the Raffle);  and Sir Knight Rick Santangelo/ Sir Knight John Higgins (High Achieving Sales and Information leads).   A great and truly dedicated Working Group that is definitely making a difference for our Order, Indiana Knights and our K of C Jurisdiction.   (If you are interested in working with the “Veterans Affairs Working Group” in the future – please contact me (information below).

 DEPLOYED MILITARY MEMBER KNIGHTS:   Do you know of any Indiana K of C member who is currently deployed on a military assignment to a Hazardous Duty/ Combat Zone?   If so – we would like more information on Who; Where; How Long; Contact Information – so we can establish some contact & support for our fellow Indiana Knights who are currently deployed.   We can help make a difference for that Military Knight by showing our spiritual and fellowship support.  Please Contact me with any information.  More Details on this emerging concept/ Program will appear in the October State Council Newsletter!!

 As always – many thanks for allowing me the honor to serve as your Veterans Affairs Chairman.


Steve Lutz
Indiana State Veterans Affairs Chairman
PGK/ FDD/ US Army (R)