Veterans Affairs Chairman

April 2023

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Brother Knights!

Welcome to April!  Baseball Season is back – and we are closing in on the final months of our 2024 Fraternal Year.   All the best in closing out this year with Star Council initiatives, Elections, etc.
 I hope by now you are registered for our Annual State Convention in Bloomington- it is always a great opportunity for the gathering of Brother Knights.   Your Veterans Affairs Working Group (VAWG) will have a hallway table at the Convention  (in close proximity and coordination with our 4th “Patriotic” degree) – staffed and distributing news/ information about “Warriors to Lourdes”; Co-Sponsored Seminarians; Military Chaplains; VA Medical Centers and other Veteran-related items. 
 This is shaping up to be a very successful Fraternal year for Veteran activities by our Indiana Knights.  Your various contributions have resulted in making available to our State VAWG over $25,000 for charitable works.  To date, our State Treasurer has released over $10,000 of our collected funds to sponsor 2 “Wounded Warriors” to the International Military Pilgrimage in Lourdes France this May, as well as funds to 3 of the Honor Flight locations in Indiana (Ft Wayne; Lafayette; Indianapolis).  
 The next set of checks are headed to the Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) in Washington, DC to support Seminarians who have discerned a future vocation as a Military Chaplain in the Armed Forces, as well as support we are planning for currently serving Military Chaplains (e.g., Travel Mass Kits).
 Fraternal Year 2024 will be recorded as a tremendously great year for Indiana Knights’ support of Veteran Affairs!   You are truly making a difference- and we can all be most proud of our support to the men and women of the US Military – past/ present and future!  
On behalf of the Indiana State Council – I pass on our greatest appreciation and thanks for all your donations and efforts!
CV NEWS FEED // Dozens of U.S. military chaplains renewed their commitment to ministry during the Archdiocese for Military Services’ (AMS) annual Chrism Mass on March 18.     Archbishop Timothy Broglio celebrated the Mass, which took place this year at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.   Archbishop Broglio consecrated the sacred oils that will be used this year for sacraments at the nation’s military sites and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical centers. Over 200 faithful, including active duty service members, attended the liturgy in the Basilica’s Crypt Church.
In his homily, the archbishop called on military chaplains to remember their dependence on God while “serving those who serve”.    “We recognize that as a Church on this night when we gather in prayer to renew the oils that will be used throughout the world to anoint the sick, strengthen the unbaptized against the devil, and consecrate babies, youth, priests, bishops, altars, and more,” Broglio said. “We renew the promises of ordination to obey, to be more united with Jesus Christ, and to be faithful stewards of His mysteries. We recognize that we cannot accomplish the task entrusted to us by ourselves. We depend on divine assistance, the support of the community of faith, and an assiduous attention to our spiritual life.”

Broglio emphasized the unique role of the military chaplain as one who can provide the sacraments, noting that bishops and religious superiors release priests to act as chaplains to bring the sacraments to those who seek them.

“You do not need ordination to be a social worker, a counselor, a drill instructor, a promoter of morale,” Broglio said. “The uniqueness of your role is what brings our beloved faithful here this evening. They know what you bring and it is what they crave.”
I look forward to seeing many of you at the State Convention.  As always – it is my great honor to represent Indiana’s Knights as your Veterans Affairs Chairman!


Steve Lutz
Indiana State Veterans Affairs Chairman
PGK/ FDD/ US Army (R)