The Indiana Knights of Columbus founded Father Gibault Home for Boys in 1921. It was originally administered by Priests of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. In 1934, the Brothers of Holy Cross became the administrators, teachers, counselors, and overseers. They, in partnership with the Indiana Knights, saw thousands of young boys turn into young men.

For more than three quarters of a century, Gibault, Inc., has been known for its excellence as a residential treatment facility for delinquent and pre-delinquent young men. However, Gibault is now undergoing growth that will allow them to serve an even greater population. Gibault has recently added a unit for young women, and in the coming months, they plan to expand their services to families and adults.

Today, the Knights will continue to serve an important role in Gibault's future. They serve on the organization's board of directors and provide vital financial funding through many State and Council programs.


Gibault provides life-changing opportunities for children, families, and communities.

The Indiana State Knights of Columbus wants to thank everyone who has helped support Gibault, Inc. We hope that you will pray for these young people and be able to financially continue to support Gibault's efforts.