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June 2022

Online membership is free: Go to: - use Promo code: MCGIVNEY2020  This is the final month – take advantage now!

The next live, State Virtual Exemplification - Tuesday, June 21st (8pm ET, 7pm CT). To register: Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity Registration (

Last Fraternal Benefit Night - June 14th (7:30pm EDT) Our guest speaker Ed Slott, a nationally recognized speaker and best-selling author, known for his unparalleled ability to turn advance tax strategies into understandable, actionable and entertaining advice. This event is open to KofC members, and all Parish members. Please promote and encourage attending this - getting more members into your councils, as well as satisfy requirements for earning council awards.

Purchase an Indiana KofC License plate now! 2020_IN_License_Plates.pdf ( We need 500 members to either renew or purchase a new one, or we will not have it come January, 2023

Councils and Districts – Please let your district deputy, or our St. Ceremonials Chairman, Joe Stefanich know, your council Exemplification schedule, so we can post it on our State website (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Please continue to use e-forms or scan and email all correspondence to our Supreme Office. DO NOT use the Postal Service.

Council / Assembly Billing Statements Are Paperless:

The monthly Council / Assembly Billing Statements can be found in Officers Online, under the Reports tab. These statements are accessible to any leader that has access to Officers Online for a council or assembly. You can look up the previous 18-monthly statements by clicking on the “Past” link. New statements are available on the first day of each month.

Virtual Supreme (1-hour) Training sessions in June (Highly recommended):

Grand Knight 101 (Overview) – June 13th, 8PM CT (9PM ET)

I have been elected Grand Knight - what do I do now? Meetings, appointments, Star Councils, Growth, and many other things you have to deal with and plan for. This webinar will cover duties of a Grand Knight and keys to success that will help you be the best you can be.

Grand Knight 102 (Meetings and Protocol)

June 15th, 8pm CT (9pm ET)

In this second segment of the Grand Knight series, we are covering Meetings and Protocol. A brief walk through on meeting and key things a Grand Knight should be doing in the meeting to make it worth the time of the member to attend it. We will also run through some Protocol that will help you with the why and what of the council.

Grand Knight 103 (Forms, Advertising and Marketing)

June 20th, 8pm CT (9pm ET)

In this third segment of the Grand Knight series, we are covering Forms, Advertising and Marketing. Who should fill out the forms? How the flow of money should go through the council. How we can take a form and make it a press release. How to market the Council better.

Delta Drive – June 22nd, 8pm CT (9pm ET)

Come learn how to do the Delta Church drive method. this highly effective process of growth through communication will help you go from prospects to members and answer the why of growth.

District Deputy Overview – June 27th, 8pm CT (9pm ET)

My State Deputy just called and wants me to be the next district deputy. What do I do? This presentation will preview some things a district deputy should be aware of. From simple duties to how I can get answers to local council questions. This presentation, under an hour, gives you a foothold in the role as district deputy, an invaluable resource!

Council Officers Overview – June 28th, 8PM CT (9PM ET)

The Leadership of the council is important to its success. Good leaders make a good council and to pick good leaders we must first know what the responsibilities are of each position. During this webinar we will cover the main responsibilities of each officer position. This will be an overview to help you select the next leaders for the new Fraternal Year. Register at:

Watch archived Webinars from Supreme on demand: Fraternal Video Resources | Knights of Columbus (

Member Educational Resources

If you would like to receive the Fraternal Leader Advisory, an excellent online resource containing timely information to keep your council current and on track, go to: Fraternal Leader Advisory - Archive | Knights of Columbus (

KnightCast is a new video series that shares timely, compelling information to promote personal development and faith formation. To register: Home - KnightCast ( 

Faithful Citizen Program, an opportunity for members to defend their values by getting involved in various federal legislative, regulatory, and legal issues that impact Catholic morals and teaching. Faithful Citizenship | Knights of Columbus (

This is my last newsletter as your state deputy. We have come a long way, dealing with being active during the Pandemic. Please continue to help those in need, and impact the lives of those we serve. Sincere thanks for your leadership!

Craig Hanusin
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Deputy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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