State Deputy

September 2022

My Worthy Bother Knights,

This newsletter article is a bit longer than usual for me.  I ask that you read it through though as we have a lot going on and I am trying to capture it all

As we enter the third month of the first quarter, I am excited that Indiana has moved from the bottom of the pile to the top in our Division on membership growth.  That is wonderful news as we need as many hands as possible to do the work God has set before us.  We do continue to have a long way to go to the goal line, but I am seeing a good trend. 

Our theme for this year is: “Evangelizing Through Our Works.”  I took that to heart and attended the State Fair in August to work the Right to Life Indianapolis booth with Kristine.  We as Knights partnered to work this booth on the weekends in August.  It gave us an opportunity to showcase what the Knights are doing to promote life.  Kristine and I were able to speak with several people during our time there, and to share the message that life is a better choice than abortion.  I was also able to get a new member during our four-hour shift.   

So, what are your plans looking like.  Have you set your Church Drives for the Fall and Spring?  How are your plans for Faith in Action?  Set a plan for your Council so that you can meet all your goals and achieve Star Council.  I want to see a great number of Councils meet that goal.

We ae working on some great opportunities for the entire State.  First is the Gibault Envoy Conference. Make sure your registration is in for September 10.  We are also doing State-wide 40 Days for Life with a Knights of Columbus Overnighter.  We are also working on a family picnic for the State.  All this and more are in the works.  Join us in these opportunities and share your events so that we can let others know about them and help you be successful.

I was able to meet all five Bishops in August and all five were in support of our efforts.  They are especially excited about our Hispanic outreach and the possibilities of developing the Knights at parishes that are primarily Hispanic. 

We continue to work with the Dioceses regarding the Eucharistic Revival.  Make sure you are talking with your priests about these opportunities.

The ASAP program from Supreme should be a consideration for your Council.  We are working to get a new form for this so that you can make donations to the local pregnancy care centers.  I so ask that you also consider helping to make our endowment for the Women’s Care Centers a reality.  These organizations are going to be a greater service to the community in the future and they will need monetary support to make their services available to those in need.

We are still striving to meet the minimum number of license plate sales to maintain our Knights of Columbus license plate which provides fund to Charity Fund, Inc.  This is a great way to show pride in being a Knight of Columbus.  It also provides the funds needed for the State to help members, disaster relief projects and assistance to our Parish Priests.  The additional fees for the plate are not that much and the benefits are great.  Please consider purchasing a plate before December 2022.

Indiana has been selected for a Pilot program to develop an Evangelization and fait development program.  I am excited about this as it aligns with my goal of Evangelizing Through Our Works.  We will be developing this over the next several months.  Keep your eyes open for this new program.

Lastly, I know that we at the State have already put into place programs to help you evangelize.  We have the monthly radio program/ podcast Knight Vision that shares the Catholic Knight’s views on many topics.  Take a listen either on the radio or through a podcast service. 

So much to be done and so little time.  However, I know that we can by working together bring the good works of the Church to the Community and share our faith with those present. 

More to come over the next few months.  Keep dreaming big and be ready to Evangelize Through Our Works.

Vivat Jesus

Scott Schutte
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Deputy
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Vivat Jesus


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