State Chaplain

September 2022

Always at the forefront in these years of Eucharistic Revival is deepening our appreciation of the Eucharist. That need fits well with the Supreme Chaplain’s Challenge for September. Part of appreciating the Eucharist is appreciating the role of the Sacraments in our lives as a whole. The two challenges from Archbishop Lori are 1) to watch the “Sacramental Life” episode of the Into the Breach series and 2) to participate in the Faith in Action Sacramental Gifts Program.

            This first challenge, watching the “Sacramental Life” video, is one that could make a good activity at a council meeting. And reflecting on the joy of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and how it prepares us for receiving the Eucharist, you might have the council discuss the reflection questions from Archbishop Lori: “Are there ways you see yourself as a lost sheep, a prodigal son? What concrete steps can you take to overcome sinful habits and avoid temptations? Do you ‘come home’ to the Father to receive his mercy and forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation?” Probably best to have those discussed in smaller groups, maybe groups of 4-6 knights.

            The Sacramental Gifts Program consists of the council giving gifts in the parish(es) your council serves to recipients of the Sacraments (e.g. Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, etc.). Probably the more frequent opportunities are the Baptisms and Marriages happening in your parish(es). These don’t need to be expensive, but can be smaller items (even as simple as a holy card of the patron of your parish).  Or if it’s in your budget, it could be larger items suggested by the Supreme Council (found on under Religious Items, submenu Sacramental Gifts). Make sure to get your pastor’s permission to do so, but I would expect most pastors would love that the Knights were sharing in the joy of those who are celebrating these Sacraments.

            Remember that as Knights we should both be working on building up our own spiritual lives as well as contributing the spiritual life in our parishes, not one or the other but both. May we continue to strive to push each other on as Knights, as Gentlemen, as Brothers in Christ.  God bless. Vivat Jesus.

Fr. Shocklee
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Chaplain
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Vivat Jesus


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