Brother Knights,

Deputy With transition in our rear view mirror, your officers are pushing on with the business at hand of running our State jurisdiction, which is no small task in itself. As you’re State Deputy, I have the “Future” of our jurisdiction clearly in mind, and have been for the most part making sure that we have leadership in our “Key” areas so as to build our jurisdiction as a whole moving forward. Though I am still hitting areas that need District Deputies, and I will not stop until ALL Districts have one. We will NOT leave a District behind without a leader to look up to. I have assigned DMPD’s to all Diocese as well, these Brother Knights are your District Deputy leaders for the Diocese your District is in. Your Diocesan Membership Program Directors, will be the “go to” leader for your District Deputy. The DMPD’s will then report up to the State Deputy and attend monthly conference calls to report issues, concerns, accomplishments, etc. Use these men to your advantage, they are all knowledgeable and can assist you with your Council needs. Use them and the other Officers, Directors and Chairmen to the best of your ability. The State Deputy is not in this alone, you have a great group of men to look to for assistance in your Council’s needs.

Our Supreme MPC, (Membership Programming Consultant) Joe Pietruszynski, is awaiting our training dates for our State. Your DMPD’s are canvassing their District Deputy’s Councils to hold this MUCH NEEDED training for allCouncil Officers, Financial Secretaries, and other members wanting to take part in leadership training for future concerns in building up your Councils. Let’s get this done! We all need to be trained from the same sheet of music so we are marching in unison to accomplish great things for our jurisdiction.

We also need to recruit younger catholic gentlemen to our membership, we NEED to plan for succession in our State Officers, District Deputies as well as the Council level officers. This is what we are about bottom to top brothers, plan to have someone do YOUR job as you consider moving up to the next position for our order.

The Officer Team and I look forward to a great year ahead in serving you all.We are taking our State Officer meetings on the road in a quarterly fashion this year, in an effort to be more transparent to our membership in how we get the business side done for the State, also, in an effort to “Foster” more leadership throughout the state. First stop on this tour, Griffith, IN. and the Marquette Council #3631 on September 17, 2016. Those in the region are welcome to attend and join us for a reserved Q/A session included with the agenda for members. Many thanksto you all again for all your continued support and the efforts you all put forth as Knights of Columbus. Keep up the great work for all of the Charities you support!

Vivat Jesus!



SK Martin F. McCoy, Jr. PGK, PFN, PSA, PST, PSS
Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus
State Deputy 2016-2017
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Four Pillars, One Mission. The Indiana Knights!

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