State Deputy

December 2022

My Worthy Bother Knights,

As we begin the new Church year let us all prepare for the coming of Our Lord, Jesus.

I recently attended the mid-year meeting of State Deputies.  It was great time as the Order is doing well in new membership, improvements in operations and new ways of doing the things Knights are supposed to do.  The theme of the meeting was getting back to the Core principals of the Order.  It was shared that Fr. McGivney had asked that the members work on their understanding of the Church.  It is even in our Rules and Laws of the Order that we as Knights should be forming ourselves in our Faith.

So, what is a Core principle.  Core is the English version of the Latin Cor or heart of something.  In the English it is the center of something.  So, what is our Central or Heart of the Knights of Columbus.  We have all pledged to Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.  These come from the Gospel teaching of Christ.  They guide us to attend Mass, to work together in our one Faith and to do for others as we would do for Christ.  We can accomplish these goals, but it needs to be a team effort in which all of our members are active.  We need the unity and fraternity to withstand the forces of Society that say it is the government’s job, we need to be accepting of other’s feelings, that it is a community’s job to raise your children not the family and to step away from God because it is not real. 

We will begin a new program in January to help us as Knights to build our Fraternity and Unity in the Church.  We will accomplish this through the new Evangelization and Faith Formation program of the Order.  This program asks the Councils to have Cor meetings, where we gather with our brother Catholic men to develop our Faith and to share our experiences.  To that end we become a tighter band of brothers and closer to the Church. From that springs our Charity.

I am aware that some Councils started something like this already and I am thrilled that this is already happening in Indiana.  We will build on these grass roots efforts and make this a statewide project that will improve our members to be better men, husbands, and fathers and most importantly followers of Christ.  

Coats for Kids

We distributed coats on Giving Tuesday in Indianapolis.  We have more in South Bend, that our Notre Dame Council will be distributing.  We as a State were given the opportunity to buy one and get one.  I am hoping that we can expand our reach next year by partnering with more Councils to expand this program to the rest of the State.

Women’s Care Center Endowment

The Endowment for the Women’s Care Center has been created and payments has been made.  I personally contributed $500 in November to this gift to the Women’s Care Center.  Please consider doing the same.  Our goal is $10,000,000 in 10 years.  I have heard, “but they need the money now” and yes this is true. However, that need will not be going away anytime soon.  The point of the endowment is to make our fundraising easier.  The endowment when funded will continue to grow and will allow us to do more both for those women in need but for other worthy projects.  Please support this effort to provide for young families in need.

License Plates

We are in the last month.  We saw a slight increase in November, and I say thank you for those that stepped up.  We need to make it to the finish line this month.  If not the State of Indiana will revoke out license plates. Be proud to be a Knight and help us to keep the Knights of Columbus license plate. It hardly costs more than a regular plate and it makes a huge difference to those we assist. If we lose it, we will not get another chance.


In November we made an effort to reach out to all of the Councils that do not use their e-mail address that is provided by the State Council.  Our goal was to work with those Councils to encourage and train them to use this system.  It is the most cost-effective means that we have to stay in communication with each other.  Please use this system and work with us to make Indiana work well.

We are also working on an update of our website.  We are hoping to have this ready by the end of the year.  The goal is to make it welcoming; to make access to the information you want and need easier and to make the maintenance and updating of the website easier.  Keep an eye out for the new website.

Free Throw

I am working with the District Deputies to create a committee to address the Free Throw competition until we can locate a youth and young adult chairman.   This will address the regional and finals.  Councils should be planning for the local Free Throw competition in January. We will have district and regional in February and the State Finals in Early March. More information will be coming out soon.

Closing Thoughts

Keep listening to Knight Vision. We at the State are proud of our efforts to provide this evangelization tool. Encourage your members to listen in on the Podcasts. This month we will be discussing the ethnic groups involved in the Knights of Columbus and our international efforts.

Please remember to make your events family friendly.  We want to be good husbands and fathers, which means being part of the family. Bring your family with you to our events.

More to come over the next few months. Keep dreaming big and be ready to Evangelize Through Our Works.

Vivat Jesus

Scott Schutte
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Deputy
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Vivat Jesus


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