April 2019


Praise be Jesus Christ!

Repent, and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15)


Please join me in thanking our councils who submitted their Faith in Action programs for service awards.   Statewide our Knights are living and demonstrating our orders principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.  They’ve embraced the Face in Action program model and learned how to apply the good work they’ve always been doing to the new model.

Statewide the Faith in Action program model has rekindled the vision and mission of Fr. McGivney to aid one another, to strengthen our men, our families and our parishes.  We are truly becoming the "Charity that Evangelizes" and the "Strong right arm of the Church."  We are changing lives and saving lives!

We had great attendance and participation in the Council Officer Regional meetings held last month around the State.  Log into your council email and go to the “Council Leadership Regional Meeting” Team Drive to download the slides.

The Indiana State Convention is 3-4-5 May 2019.  Our theme is “Knights of Charity.” Supreme Director Terry Simonton will be our Supreme Council representative.  Lady Sheila and I look forward to meeting many new Grand Knights and renewing old friendships.  The weekend will be a celebration focused on recognizing the great work our GK and councils have done this past year.  Go to our Convention webpage for more information.

Many have been asking about the status of our Indiana Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc. Special Group Recognition (SGR) License Plate.  Last year, we submitted an application that include a petition with over 500 signatures of people signed up to purchase this plate if it became available.   Last October, the Interim Study Committee on Roads and Transportation Chairman (Rep. Edmond Soliday, District 4, Valparaiso) rejected our application because we are “Clearly a religious institution” and he had Church-State concerns.   Rep. Soliday has not replied to my requests for further explanation.   

We have reapplied this year for an SGR License Plate.   We need the Interim Study Committee on Roads and Transportation to approve our application.  Please contact your State Senator and State Representative and let them know it’s important to you for the K of C to have an SGR License Plate.  We are a fraternal organization, not a religious institution, similar to the Freemasons and Shriners who already have an SGR license plate.  Ask your Senator and Representative to contact the current Interim Study Committee on Roads and Transportation Chairperson Rep. Holli Sullivan (District 78) and let her know they support our application.

Indiana is one of the fastest growing jurisdictions in our Order.  We've had over 800 men join us this year and are trending toward 1300 by end of this Fraternal Year.  Please continue to Just Ask!  Just ask a good Catholic man to join us.  If you ask, they will join.  A simple ask may be the spark that leads a man to strengthen his faith, be a better husband, be a better father.  This will build stronger families, parishes, and communities.  

There were many Council Church drives during March.  Now we need to follow up with those prospective members and invite them to join us online or join a council via an Admission Degree.    Prospective members can check us out by visiting the KofC-JoinUs webpage.   Ask young men graduating from High School or College to join us online before going off to jobs, military service, or vocations.

Thank you for all you've done to grow our order in membership, charity, and engagement. Working together we are saving lives and changing lives.

Have a blessed Lent and glorious Easter! 

In Charity, Unity, and Fraternity,

Paul Zielinski


Indiana State Deputy

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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