August 2019


Praise be Jesus Christ!

 “May all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you.”  (John 17:21)


Welcome home!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful vacation during July.  Now, let’s get back to work fulfilling the vision and mission of Fr. Michael J. McGivney.  Let’s get our Councils growing in holiness, unity, and membership.  Let’s work together to execute good programs that build up stronger Catholic men, husbands, and fathers.  These will attract good men to join us.  Ask a good Catholic man to join us today!

Please join me in welcoming Rev. Michael Kopil as our new State Chaplin.  The State Council is very grateful to Rev. Douglas Hunter who served as our State Chaplain last year.  Fr. Mick is from Valparaiso and is a 4th Degree member of Schererville Council 12177.   He served as our State Associate Chaplain last year.

All Grand Knights must attend their District Meeting.  These are very important.  Your District Deputy will present details for several new initiatives for FY19-20 that impact every council:

  • New State Member Intake Goals for each Council and GK Incentives
  • New Insurance Member Incentive for Parish Priests
  • New Activity Database (say goodbye to IN-ACT form)
  • New Ultrasound Goal ($500 per council)
  • New Veterans Initiative
  • New Discovery Awards (Nina and Pinta Awards will be presented at State Convention)
  • New College Council Challenge
  • New SOS – RSVP Synergy
  • New Indiana State Program Guide (Less forms and fewer pages!)

Your DD is your most important resource.   We’ve made lots of changes recently and I know heads are spinning.  The FY19-20 Indiana State Program Guide and Fraternal Planner are must reads.  The and websites have great information.  However, when you need help, the first person to call is your DD.

Do you want to be a more effective recruiter?  Supreme Council Growth training sessions have been scheduled across Indiana beginning on August 12th.   All Council Officers should attend.  Contact your DD to get the location closest to you or check the State Calendar.

All Council Officers should attend the Regional Council Leadership Meeting on September 21st.  State Officers, Directors, and Chairmen will be there to answer your questions.  Contact your DD to for details or check the State Calendar.

Your District Deputy, State Officers, Directors, Chairmen, Coordinators and General Agents of the Indiana State Council are committed to assisting your council to have a successful year.   You have the opportunity to create a legacy!  Make Fraternal Year 2019-2020 your best year yet!

Thank you for all you've done to grow our order in membership, charity, unity, fraternity, and insurance! 

Paul Zielinski


Indiana State Deputy

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[below is the State of the Indiana Jurisdiction - given at State Convention]

Your Excellency Archbishop Thompson, Worthy State Chaplain Rev. Fr. Hunter, All Reverend Fathers and Deacons.  Worthy State Officers.  Worthy Past State Deputies.  Worthy District Deputies and Former District Deputies.  General Agents.  Worthy Grand Knights.   Worthy Council Officers.  Worthy District Wardens.   Field Agents.   Brother Knights.

I’m very happy to report the state of the Indiana jurisdiction is very good; we are saving lives and changing lives.  We are fulfilling the vision and mission of Fr. McGivney.   Our numbers are growing and statewide our Knights are living and demonstrating our orders principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. 

The state of the Indiana jurisdiction is very good because of you, our Council Grand Knights and Officers.   Thank you for all you've done to grow our order in membership, charity, unity and fraternity. Working together we are saving lives and changing lives.

A few statistics for your consideration are on the screens.  These show the State Council Form 1728 totals from 2017 and 2018.  These are a small compared to the total Charitable Disbursements and volunteer hours from all Indiana Councils.  In 2017 Indiana Knights state-wide gave $2,693,571 and 589,988 volunteer hours to charity.  Our Councils are making a difference in many lives.   The 2018 Indiana Knights state-wide total will be available after Supreme Convention.  I believe our state-wide totals for 2018 will exceed last year.

It’s amazing the long commitment of the Indiana Knights has to our top charities: Gibault nearly 100 years, Special Olympics Indiana 50 years, Support Our Seminarians 20 years, and Ultrasound Initiative 10 years.  We are building upon this legacy.

We're caring for more children than ever at Gibault children services in Terre Haute.  Gibault cares for an average of 113 children every day.  Gibault is our number one charity and the only charity where Knights of Columbus are required to be the majority of the board.  The Chairman of the board is IPSD Martin F. McCoy, Jr.  Can Chairman Marty and the other Board Members please stand up?  Thank you.  Where do the children, as young as 6 years old, come from?   They are referred to Gibault by agencies and parents across Indiana.  On the screen is a list of the Indiana counties referring children to Gibault in the first quarter of this year.  We can all be proud of the work Gibault is doing and has done for nearly 100 years since its founding by the Indiana Knights of Columbus in 1921.  There are now well over 10,000 lives that have been changed for the better because of you.

The Knights of Columbus have been working together with Special Olympics from day one.  Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the founder of Special Olympics, her husband, Sargent Shriver, was a Knight of Columbus.  Indiana’s campaign for those with intellectual disabilities has raised 2 million dollars since July 2010; over $134,000 this year.  This has enabled your county Special Olympics coordinators to add programs and for Special Olympics Indiana to reduce the cost for athletes to attend their summer games.   Our Knights give their time, talent and treasure to support Special Olympics Indiana.  A few brave souls even go “Freezin for a Reason.”  How many councils have participated in an event with Special Olympians?  Thank you for supporting these amazing athletes.   Because you submitted the Special Olympics Partnership Profile Report (Form 4584) Supreme has sent us a $2,800 check for Special Olympics.  I will present it to Special Olympics Indiana after lunch at our awards program.  Next year, if all councils submit Form 4584 we could present a $8000 check to Special Olympics.

On the screens are all the Ultrasound machines you have purchased for Indiana crisis pregnancy centers.  Because of you we are really saving lives every day!  Through the Supreme Ultrasound Initiative, we purchased two more machines this year for the Indianapolis Women’s Care Center and Terre Haute Crisis Pregnancy of Wabash Valley.  Since 2011 we have purchased 22 ultrasound machines that are saving lives every day.   The total retail value of these machines is $1,321,385.   This is money well spent.  Supreme estimates every crisis pregnancy center ultrasound machine saves around four babies per week.   Our 22 machines have saved over 14,000 babies and 88 more are being saved every week.  We have four more sites in the process of being approved.  Your Council’s contributions to the state ultrasound program are make this achievement possible; You are making a difference. 

Just a few years ago PSD Scott Cunningham got us started supporting Safe Haven Baby Boxes.  Two baby boxes were installed this year with the help of our Councils.  These devices give women a way to surrender their baby anomalously.  I think supporting Safe Haven Baby Boxes been especially good because they have increased awareness of the Indiana safe haven law.  There have been a few babies saved directly by the baby boxes, and I believe many, many, more indirectly.

Since 2009, the Tony Muffoletto Support Our Seminarians campaign has given over $360,000 to our seminarians.  This past November, each of our Diocesan Seminarians received a $525 SOS check.  Ask Vocations Chairman Ed Waldschmidt or State Treasurer Scott Schutte to show you some of the thank you notes we’ve received.  You are making a difference in the lives of our future priests.

The new Faith in Action program model was launched this year and has taken root.  Our bishops and priests are excited about this program that is revitalizing the Knights of Columbus.  In this program good Catholic men are putting their faith into action.  Our Knights our leading their families in service, not leaving their families to serve.  Our Councils are embracing the Faith in Action program model and learning how to apply the good work they’ve always been doing to the new model.

A few examples of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity to demonstrate we are fulfilling the vision and mission of Fr. McGivney.

  • Indy Chapter Car Washes for Babies – The councils of the Indianapolis Chapter worked together to sell Crew Car Wash tickets and raised enough money for two ultrasound machines.
  • Council 451 Founders Day Memorial – Fort Wayne Council 451 researched the history of their charter members and remembered them at a memorial service.
  • Disaster Relief – State Warden Bill McDonald led a team of men and women to provide assistance to hurricane victims in Texas and Florida.  The Indiana State Council Disaster Relief Trailer is parked outside.  Please take some time this weekend to check it out.
  • Race for Vocations – This morning State Faith Director Larry Kunkle and 200 others are running and promoting vocations.  This Race for Vocations is part of the larger One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  There are over 30,000 runners at this event.

Indiana is one of the fastest growing jurisdictions in the order today.  We have over 33,000 Knights today and 191 active councils.  We’re growing like never before.  Men are joining in bunches at Admission Degrees and one at a time via online membership.  Good Catholic man are joining us when they see the good works we are doing and that we are truly the Knights of charity.  They join when they see our spirit of working together in fraternity.  The number one recruiting method is “Just Ask!” A brother Knight personally asking a good Catholic man to join us has been and always will be the most effective method.

We are very happy to have a new council and two reactivated councils with us this weekend: St. Isidore Council 17069 from Bristow, Our Lady of Guadalupe Council 12747 from Warsaw, and St. Mary’s Council 13086 from Huntingburg.  Could all GK and officers from those councils please stand.  Please give them a round of applause.

When we started working to reactivate Huntingburg Council 13086 we met with Fr. Hildebrand and asked him want his expectations were.  He said, he’s got plenty of help with manual work around the parish.  He said, what he needs from the Knights is a “Spiritual fraternity of men.”  I thought to myself, is this Fr. Hildebrand or is this Fr. McGivney speaking to me.  Needless to say, Fr. Hildebrand got his council.

In July we’ll launch a Young Adult initiative led by Young Adult Outreach Chairman Andy Gorgol.  Please stand up Andy.  The Young Member Initiative we be rolled out over the next 12 months to make us a younger, more vibrant, more faith-filled organization serving our church, community and families like Fr. McGivney envisioned.   In addition, Andy will be wearing many hats next year.  He will also be coordinating our youth events (state Soccer Challenge and Free Throw Contest) and athletic events (State golf and bowling tournament).

In July we’ll launch a new initiative to reach out to men in military service and veterans.  Attend the Veteran Affairs breakout session this afternoon to learn about it from our Veterans Affairs Chairman Tom Peters.  Please stand up Tom.

We are growing in Ceremonial degree teams too and we need more.  Today we have 16 Formation Degree Teams.  The newest was formed in District 16 thanks to DD16 Dirk Wiener.  Two more are in process.  One of these will be a Spanish team.  We need your help to stand up a Formation Degree Team for every District, especially South of Indy.  We only have four Knighthood Degree teams in our state and really need more.  If you can help, please see Ceremonials Chairman Jeff Gadbois this weekend.

Our insurance numbers are also growing. Our Knights love their families and are looking out for their financial well-being.  This too is an important part of the vision and mission of Father McGivney.   We have many good and affordable products for our Knights to protect their families.  Sit down with a field agent very soon and have him review your situation.   Remember our agents are not only skilled professionals, but they are also brother Knights.   One of our field agents is actually in the top 5 worldwide.  Financial situations change over time.  My experience has been that we can trust these brothers to tell us truthfully when we need additional insurance and when we don't.  Please set up an appointment with your agent very soon.

Numbers are fun, but the most important parameter is to do everything with love.   Jesus commands us to love.  He tells us to love God and our neighbor.  The last two lines of our Closing Ode even says “Faith in our works appear, Upheld by Love.”  I believe, and I think you do too, that the Knights of Columbus is the best organization to help good Catholic men become better Catholic men, husbands, and fathers.  If we love our neighbor, we should ask him to join us.

Our church needs good men.  Our parishes need good active men.  Is your council having troubles; does it need more active members?   The answer to all these questions is to recruit more good men to become Knights of Columbus.  Just ask and they will join us.

You Grand Knights and officers here today have the very best councils in our state.  Keep asking good Catholic men to join us.  Yours are the kind of councils that men are looking to join.  I challenge each of you to commit your council to bringing in four more new members before the fraternal year ends on 30 June.  Can you do that?  I believe you can.  Nothing is impossible with God!

More good men mean more good works, means more lives changed, and more lives saved.  Keep asking good Catholic men to join us, get them involved in the good works of your Council, and watch them grow into better Catholic men, husbands, and fathers.  This is the vision of Fr. McGivney and this is our mission.


2017 State Council Form 1728



Volunteer Hours







Culture of Life













In 2017 Indiana Knights state-wide gave $2,693,571 and 589,988 volunteer hours to charity.

2018 State Council Form 1728:



Hours of Service

















(The 2018 Indiana Knights numbers state-wide will be available after Supreme Convention.)


2019 1st Quarter

Indiana Counties with Referrals to Gibault















































St. Joseph











Ultrasound machines purchased by Knights of Columbus and donated to Indiana crisis pregnancy centers








Care Net Pregnancy Center

MyLab20 Plus




1st Choice for Women






MyLab20 Plus




Pregnancy Care Center

MyLab20 Plus




1st Choice for Women





Hope Resource Center

MyLab20 Plus




Women's Resource Center





Hope Pregnancy and Health Center





First Choice for Women





Choices for Women





Clarity of South Central Indiana

Medison R7




Compassion Pregnancy Center of NE Ind




South Bend

Women's Care Center

LogIQ F8




Bella Vita Pregnancy Resource Center





Women's Care Center

Voluson P8



South Bend

Women's Care Center

Voluson P8




Matrix Lifecare Center

MyLab Seven




Matrix Lifecare Center

MyLab Gamma




Women's Care Center

Voluson P8




Women's Care Center

Voluson P8




Women's Care Center

Voluson P8



Terre Haute

Crisis Pregnancy Center of Wabash Valley










Knights of Columbus

In Charity, Unity, and Fraternity,

Paul Zielinski


Indiana State Deputy

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