State Chaplain

May 2022

My dear brother Knights,

Christ is risen!  Indeed, He is risen!  May these words fill your hearts with joy, be the glory your family celebrates these seven weeks, and be the renewed message we live and proclaim to our Catholic-Christians brothers and sisters, to those who have abandoned Christ, and to those who have never heard.

Recently, one of our brother Knights and his family from my parish have suffered the death of a child before he was actually born.  As we were planning a funeral for this child, we selected the old Catholic hymn, “Mother Dear, O Pray for Me”.  Some of you may remember this song and it’s refrain “Mother dear, remember me, and never cease your care, ‘til in heaven eternally, your love and bliss I share”.  This hymn will speak an important message to our brother Knight and his family at the funeral.  But this hymn also has an important message for each of us as men, as disciples, and as Knights.

When we took our exemplification and became Knights of Columbus, we were charged to turn to the Blessed Mother, praying to her as an example of discipleship and the most powerful intercessor before the throne of Christ, her Son.  We can learn from her faith in God when she said, “Be it done unto me according to your word”, and when she charged us, “Do whatever He tells you”.  We can turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary in our prayers, whether in prayers of joy and hope, or sorrow and fear, in prayers for grace and peace, for an end to war, for the good of our spouses and children, for the defense of life and those in need, or for blessings on our councils and our Order.

This month of May, this month of Mary, let us turn to our mother and learn from her, and ask her for her prayers.  We rejoice not only in the saving death and life-giving Resurrection of her Son, Jesus, but also in the love of the Blessed Mother for us.

Vivat Jesus!  Blessed Michael McGivney, pray for us!

Fr. Mick
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Chaplain
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Vivat Jesus


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