State Chaplain

October 2019

My dear Brother Knights,

When he was still alive, my grandfather, Bro. John Kopil, Sr., used to always tease us that he came to America before Columbus:  Columbus arrived in America on the 12th of October and my grandfather on the 10th.  This October, Knights on several continents are recalling the wondrous achievements of our order’s namesake, Christopher Columbus.  Captain Columbus’ courage, determination, and faith in God motivated him to set out into the great unknown.  One of the byproducts of Columbus’ journeys was that the Gospel of Jesus Christ made its way to the shores of North and South America.

As a council, we’re not asked to cross the ocean or discover new lands.  However, like Columbus, we are asked to be courageous, determined and faithful.  Courage and determination are virtues that help us proclaim God’s love in word and deed.  We need these virtues in plentiful supply to be good men, good disciples, and good Knights.

Let us join together in promoting our Catholic faith and our order not only by our projects, but more importantly, by our praying and worshipping together as brothers.  When we come together before the Lord, expressing our praise and thanksgiving to God, and asking for His mercy for those in need, we show who we are as Knights.  When we stand up in courage, determination, and faith as an order, new members will join our ranks and the Gospel will be heard.

Vivat Jesus!

Fr. Mick

State Chaplain


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