State Chaplain

January 2020

My dear brother Knights and families,

When I lived in Minnesota, battling with winter is something that everyone had to do.  Some resigned themselves to staying indoors until the snow melted, sometime in May.  Others did what I did and took up winter sports as a way of getting outside once in a while.  The city of St. Paul threw a Winter Carnival each year to help people get through the long, cold winter.

In the Church, the winter began in Advent with a season of preparation, bringing with it spiritual and secular activities.  Christmas gave us trees, candles, flowers, presents, and parties.  Christmas also warmed the soul with the joy of God present among us in Christ Jesus.  But now comes the long winter before the Spring of Easter.  At this time the Church teaches us through stories and signs that Christ remains among us to help us be the disciples we are all called to be.

Being a follower of the Son of God, is not easy.  If we want to follow the One Who made the great sacrifice of Himself, we have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable in doing good for others.  Love is not doing what people want, but doing for people what they need.  I am proud of our Order in all that it does to bring God’s love to our neighbors.

Later this month, many Knights and thousands of others from our nation will be gathering in Washington DC for the March for Life.  With the responsibilities of family and work, not to mention physical disability, it is just not possible for every Knight to take his part in this event.  However, every Knight, indeed every Christian has the obligation in love to do something to defend life.  If we fail to love as we are commanded by Christ, standing by inactive while others are murdered, then we, too, are guilty of some degree of cooperation in the evil.  As Knights, we have to take the lead in our community in standing up for what’s right.  The first degree we have all taken is marked by charity, the loving self-sacrifice we promised to those in need, to the best of our ability.  Everyone of us can do our part:  going to Washington, writing our Congressman or US Senators, fasting on Wednesday the 22nd and offer that sacrifice to God, or even praying a rosary asking God for the Holy Spirit of conversion for those who participate in this heinous crime against God and against humanity.

I wish all of you and your families a safe and happy winter.  May God help us grow this winter in our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.

Vivat Jesus!

Fr. Mick

State Chaplain


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