State Chaplain

April 2020

St. Michael the Archangel Council 12177 is planning on having a virtual Holy Hour on April 3rd for the cause of canonization of Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney.  The Holy Hour will be held at St. Elizabeth Seton in Valparaiso on Friday evening beginning at 6pm (Central Time).  It would be a good idea to encourage Knights across Indiana to participate with us in this moment of prayer, expressing our unity as Brother Knights, as well as fellow Catholics. 

My Dear Brother Knights,

When this newsletter comes out, we will find ourselves on the cusp of the celebration of the Paschal Triduum, the yearly remembrance of the Lord Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection - the Paschal Mystery.  Although in many ways, this year’s celebration may look very different, what we celebrate transcends time and place, and is so much more than the circumstances of anyone’s life.

The great remembrance begins with the celebration of the Lord’s last night, breaking bread with His chosen ones.  In that first part of the Three Days, we remember how Christ lovingly gave us the Mystery of His Body and Blood, how He showed us what true service looks like, and he blessed the Twelve (and consequently the whole Church) with the gift of the ordained priesthood.

But the events of Holy Thursday took on a profound dimension on Good Friday when Jesus, the Son of the Living God, willingly gave up His life on the Cross, in obedience to the Father’s will, and for the salvation of all people.  This greatest act of sacrifice, established a once-and-for-all covenant between God and men.

In the darkness of a tomb the great light burst forth, and Jesus overcame the darkness of death by rising to the illuminating resurrection.  Our hope for eternal life was realized in this unique event in human history.  The ability for each of us to share in Christ’s resurrection is the goal for which every one of our acts should be directed.

Our role in the Paschal Mystery is not merely that of spectators.  We are called to be participants, associating our sufferings with that of Jesus, ordering our service to the service of brothers in Christ, rejoicing that Jesus rises to bring us to Heaven with Him.  Our lives as men, as Christians, and as Knights have been forever changed by this great mystery.  May this mystery shine through us in our order, our families, our parishes, and our communities.

May these most holy days fill you with the love of God, lived in loving others.


Vivat Jesus!

Fr. Mick 

State Chaplain



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