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Created: May 02, 2024
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State Deputy
Scott Schutte



My Worthy Bother Knights,
It is hard to believe that we have only two months left in this fraternal year. We have done so well these past two years.  Let’s keep up the pace and finish this year strong.  We are close to meeting our goal of membership.  Let’s wrap up our FBEs and make sure that all our paperwork is turned in so that we can achieve all the goals from Supreme. 
As I see the end of my term approaching, I have looked back at what we have achieved; we have started the Women’s Care Center Endowment.  We have had over four years of our podcast, Knight Vision.  And we have had two incredible years of membership growth.  I have seen so many great projects being completed around the State.  I believe we are living the new Supreme motto:  First in Faith and Charity.
We need less than 300 new members to achieve our goal.  We have 28,000 active members on our rolls across Indiana.  We have an additional 5,000 members that are either e-members or are affiliate members. Our Goal is 1250 for this year.  So, I continue to ask that we all, all 28,000 members, ask one person each to join the Order.  If we get one in ten to say yes, then we would gain 2,800 new members.  Yes, the power of one.  I am asking that all Grand Knights ask their membership to invite one new member at their next Council meeting and by newsletter, phone, or other means to present this challenge to our Knights.  Do not be shy.  Have you asked that man next to you in the pew if he is a Knight and is he interested in joining us.  We can accomplish our goal and more.
Gibault’s Golf outing is the day before we start the Annual convention.  Take an extra day off to support this worthy cause then come to Bloomington for the convention.  We also have a Diocesan golf outing coming up in June for the Lafayette diocese.  And lastly, we have our State golf outing this year in July to support Catholic Radio and Women’s Care Centers.  Three events, three charities (+), and good times to share with your Brother Knights.
Let us make sure that Gibault is supported in all we do as Knights here in Indiana.
Women’s Care Center Endowment / ASAP
We will be having a pass the hat event at the Convention to support the Women’s Care Center.  We raised several thousand dollars with this last year and were able to receive matching funds from Supreme.  Let us keep up our support of the Women’s Care Center Endowment.
The ladies are also setting up a WCC store at the convention to give everyone the opportunity to donate to the local Women’s Care Center facility in Bloomington.  Diapers, outfits, and other items will be available to purchase to provide for the needs of the families this facility serves.  Exactly what we need to be doing to be charitable.
Eucharistic Congress
The volunteer site is up an open for people to sign up to volunteer; We have needs in check -in, bus wrangling, information and guidance, and many other opportunities.  Please prayerfully consider being a part of this once in a lifetime event. 
Before that week in July, we will have a couple of weeks when then four pilgrimages are passing through Indiana.  Please plan to support this pilgrimage as it passes through your area.  We need safety vehicles, water and snacks, and assistance with prayer services and masses. 
May 17 to 19 will be here soon.  Registration is winding down and the hotel rooms are filling.  I am hoping that you are making plans to attend this year. We have a lot of great opportunities for those in attendance.  Hopefully, your council is sponsoring your Chaplain for the Friday Night Vocations Dinner.  This should be a great convention. 
Closing Thoughts
Thank you for all for your hard work over the last two years.  I am so happy that many of the Councils have worked together to complete significant projects and that we as a jurisdiction, have done so well.  Supreme notices our efforts and we get lots of praise and acknowledgement for our good works. 
If you haven’t heard, we had a great write up in Today’s Catholic for our cooperation with Gibault.  Feel free to check out the article.
Let us make the most of this year.  Keep dreaming big and be ready to Evangelize Through Our Works.

Vivat Jesus
Scott Schutte
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Deputy
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Vivat Jesus