4th Degree Master Patrick Glavin Newsletter

Created: Apr 09, 2024
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4th Degree Master

Patrick Glavin

Dear Brother Knights:

My wife, Katie, sons, John and Patrick, and our yellow lab, Fitz, wish you and your family a very Blessed and Happy Easter! Spring is right around the corner and before we know it another Fraternal Year will be behind us.

For some time my four year old, John, and I have reread the Gospel each Sunday (since we rarely hear it with the one year old, Patrick, making noise and John wanting to play during Mass). John usually has many questions and this week asked: "Why did Peter and the other Apostle run to the rock?" I gave him the answer I thought best, that they wanted to see if Jesus had really come back to life. I was then asked: "How come Papa not come back to life?". My response was Jesus is God and only he could make that happen, but that Papa was with God and that he is happy and having ice cream. My son then said: "Well, if Papa is happy then he can stay in Heaven. I'll have some ice cream too and talk to Jesus tonight when we pray." 

Explaining the meaning of Faith, Heaven and God to a four year old can be challenging, but not fruitless by any stretch. I shared my Easter story with you for one simple reason: We can spread the Word of God to ANYONE! It is our duty as Catholic Men and Members of the Order. Let's buckle up and finish this Fraternal Year strong! 

Please Pray for me and my family, as I do for each of you! 

Patriotism Defends Our Faith!

Yours in Patriotism, 
Patrick J. Glavin
Indiana District-4th Degree - Knights of Columbus
District Master
Vivat Jesus

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