Rev. Christopher Shocklee State Chaplain Newsletter

Created: Nov 11, 2023
Category: General News

Rev. Christopher Shocklee

State Chaplain

Home Council : 656 - HAIL HOLY QUEEN KOKOMO, IN

Home Assembly : 1568 - HAIL HOLY QUEEN KOKOMO, IN

As we enter into November, we remember our departed brothers and sisters throughout this month. In a certain sense we are called to think of those souls in need in purgatory and to pray for them. As we spend this month focused on being thankful for what we have, it’s important that we look to those in need – both spiritual and physical. We should pray for those in need in purgatory and look for how we can serve those in need on earth.
            Our Supreme Chaplain calls on us this month to learn more about ways to help the poor in our own communities. He also calls on us to take part in the Food for Families or Coats for Kids Faith in Action programs. These are ways we can meet the physical needs of those around us. And looking towards next month, he encourages to plan for taking part in the Faith in Action Keep Christ in Christmas program.
            Also, while we are getting near the halfway point in the fraternal year, do not think it’s too late to get in touch with your local pastor. If the Grand Knight of your council hasn’t had a chance to meet with the pastor, before Advent can be a great time to find out ways the Knights can help around the parish for the Advent & Christmas Season. However, don’t try to setup a meeting with him in December. If you can’t get a meeting with him before Advent starts, it’s better to get on his schedule now to meet with him in January about ways the Knights can be visibly involved at the parish through the spring.
            Thank you, brothers, for all that you do in our parishes. God bless.

Fr. Shocklee
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Chaplain
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