MISSION STATEMENT: “All human life is sacred, for it is created in the image and Likeness of God."       (Pope Saint John Paul II)

There is no statement that can explain the Pro-Life philosophy any better.  All human life should be protected, when and how that life is to end, must be left to God. Euthanasia, genocide, assisted suicide, homicide, capital punishment, unjust war, human cloning, infanticide, research involving embryonic stem cells and of course, the insidious act of abortion are all forbidden by the Catholic Church.

There is no instance where man or his government may make a decision as to who shall live and who shall die. As Catholics, it is our sacred duty to defend human life from conception to natural death.


A - BABY DISMEMBERMENT (formally known as abortion) 

Of all the evils that man has perpetrated, none can be as abhorrent as abortion. The deaths resulting from all of the aforementioned methods combined don’t add up to the 57 million abortions legally performed in this country since January 22, 1973.


Catholic teaching offers a unique perspective on crime and punishment. It begins with the recognition that the dignity of the human person applies to both victims and offenders. It affirms our commitment to comfort and support victims and their families, while acknowledging the God-given dignity of every human life, even those who do great harm.


Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. It is to make human beings other than the method that God has prescribed and created.


The moral dilemma with human embryonic stem cell research involves one single question: When does life begin?  The Catholic Church believes life begins at conception. When considering the embryonic stem cell debate through this viewpoint, any potential benefit is weighed against the destruction of a unique human life.


The Catholic Church defines Euthanasia as “an action or omission which of itself or by intention causes death in order that all suffering may in this way be eliminated.” That life is God’s life, and He has given it to us to care for and not to destroy.


The second most profitable business worldwide (after illegal drugs) human trafficking can target ANYONE regardless of age, race, or socio-economic background. Human traffickers use fraud, force and/or coercion to exploit the vulnerable.


Suicide can be linked to mental illness, depression, substance abuse, loneliness, poverty, health problems, debt and many others. The last desperate act will almost always bring grief to many who are the survivors of those who take their own lives.



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