Of all the evils that man has perpetrated, none can be as abhorrent as abortion. Since January 22, 1973:

  • 57 million babies murdered with the blessing of the government of the United States of America.
  • 57 million infants whose very existence has left no trace on this earth.
  • 57 million babies who were never even given a name.
  • 57 million who were never given a Catholic burial.
  • 57 million some of whom were disposed as “medical waste”.
  • 57 million some of whom were actually thrown into a garbage bin or flushed into the sewer system.
  • 57 million tiny innocents who some label as a “choice”.
  • 57 million, which is more than an entire generation of people.

57 million…….. 57 million………. Can you even fathom that number? And how do you think of that number of dead children and not weep?

The Catholic Catechism reads: “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception….. Since the first century, the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed whether as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law.”

So although we as Catholics are committed to fight the battle of protecting life on many fronts, each year the Knights of Columbus of the State of Indiana will be concentrating the majority of our energies to (1)stop any further advancement of the Pro-Abortion movement and (2) begin to reverse the law permitting the eradication of God’s greatest creation, the human soul.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization of men who believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Unlike many so-called God-fearing people, we do not believe that we can pick and choose what parts of the Ten Commandments we will obey. We do not pick and choose which part of the Church’s teaching we will obey. As true Catholics we ascribe to all the tenets of the Church; period. Because we follow the direction of the defense of human life, when we “fight the battle” we will do so peacefully and legally through the courts. We will respect the lives of all those who are Pro-Death unlike they who do not respect life at all. We will rally those millions of citizens Catholic or not, to make vocal their demand for this country to save human life, not destroy it. This is our MISSION and this work must be done by each of you. He suffered pain, humiliation and death for you. What are you willing to do for Him?


The vision seen by the Indiana Knights of Columbus will be put into action by way of an 19 step program. The Knights will be expected to be active in some of the steps presented below. Any one of the following will be credited as a Culture of Life activity. Any Council that participates in a local or National March will be credited with 4 activities. The same follows for any Council that contributes $500 to the State Council's Ultrasound Project. (click on the links below to get detailed information)

AB-A March for Life, Washington D.C. (click for 2020 March for Life registration form)

AB-B 40 Days For Life, All abortion facilities

AB-C Prayer on the Square

AB-D Establish Active Pro-Life Group In Every Parish

AB-E Unite With Other Religions

AB-F Spiritual Adoption of An Unborn Baby In Every Parish

AB-G One Rose For One Life

AB-H Organize and Lead A Rosary for Life In your Parish

AB-I Fund raising for your local Care Centers

AB-J Purchase and install a Pro-Life cross at one or more churches. Catholic or non-Catholic

AB-K Baby Bottle Bonanza

AB-L Presents for Baby Jesus

AB-M Baby Jesus Develops in Mary’s Womb

AB-N Empty Manger Prayers and Christmas Caroling

AB-O Ultrasound Initiative

AB-P The Jericho March

AB-Q Camp Joshua

AB-R The Baby Box   (link to exterior site-->) SHBB www.safehavenbabyboxes.com


At ALL times, for the sake of the babies, the mothers, our Church, our Lord AND ourselves, PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE.


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