Culture of Life

Culture of Life Chairman

My Brothers,
     This will be the 15th Indiana K of C trip to the MFL in DC that we have planned. Each year less than 1/3 of the pilgrims going are Indiana Knights. The trip has had as many as three buses taking 170 people. The 2024 MFL has only 5 Knights signed-up to go! There are nearly 200 Councils with nearly 30,000 Indiana Knights. How can we make this trip with such a poor showing by the members of the sponsoring organization? We have, for years, asked each Council to pay for or at least help pay for one Knight to go with us. Originally, we had envisioned 8 to 10 bus loads. This year we cannot fill one bus! My council, 4047, is paying for one member. NOT ME! It is now critical, and we need councils and Knights to STEP-UP. The low cost for many years has contributed to the good showing from pilgrims other than Indiana Knights. Now the increased cost is prohibiting non-Knights, and families from going. Because America is no longer oil independent, thanks to sleepy joe, the cost of paying foreign countries to export their oil to us has made the cost of diesel fuel skyrocket. This trip is too expensive for those who support life. Our non-Kight pilgrims (yes even many Protestants have joined the trip!)  have made sacrifices to be with us and now we need YOU more than ever! The time to act is NOW!!! Ohio will be killing babies right-up to 9 months gestation! We need more than ever before to have our message heard!
Pro-Life Chairman,

Mike Velasco
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Culture of Life Director
Vivat Jesus


"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

The FIRST and MOST important of which is.......LIFE!!!