Culture of Life Chairman

January 2021

My Catholic Brothers, 

Those who advocate for abortion are constantly attacking every one of our Catholic/Christian/Humane beliefs. Therefore, the Knights of Columbus must become more active in taking our message to the uninformed. With the restrictions that the pandemic has placed upon the entire world, peaceful rallies and prayer vigils have either been cancelled or can only rarely be enacted on an extremely low attended basis. Our 12th annual trip to the March for Life in D.C. was cancelled and some 200 of us have been unable to participate in what we do every year! 

We are leading-off the Pro-Life/Pro-Religion movement with a project called the “Car Parade for Life”. We can jump right into the fray by presenting our first message on January 29th at 12:00 Eastern Time which coincides with the D.C. March. The premise is quite simple: Councils are to organize and invite other religions and Pro-Life groups to join them as they drive around the communities spreading our message. By using our autos, we can spread the message and yet remain safe from the pandemic. New Haven considers this important enough that they are looking to Indiana to be successful in our program; they are even putting signs with new messages on their web site expressly for us to use. If we can pull it off, then it could become a national council movement and it began right here in Indiana. 

This is not planned just as a substitute for the March for Life in January. It is a project that could be utilized at different times during the year by all councils in all states.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Michael Velasco

Culture of Life Chairman

Indiana Knights of Columbus


Culture of Life.... Ultrasound Initiative - The Vision Those Pro Choice people who favor aborting babies in their mother's wombs have one very big enemy. There is something out there that will change the minds of 85% to 95% of the women who are contemplating abortion. There is a way that most of the abortions committed in this nation can be stopped. There is a way that we can help to eventually eliminate abortions completely.

The identity of that powerful method is known as the Ultrasound machine. This device enables a mother-to-be to actually SEE the life that is within her body in real time. She might see her baby move. She might see her baby kicking and not just feel those kicks. She might even be fortunate enough to see her baby sucking her thumb. After witnessing these miraculous events it becomes impossible to proceed with the plan to abort her baby. Only the coldest or most confused mothers-to-be can look upon these images and not feel a connection with her child. The Vision of having an Ultrasound machine near every planned parenthood and every other organization that either performs or promotes abortion is certainly an ambitious one. If it were easy, every area that needs one would certainly have one.

Now we come to the good part. The Knights of Columbus of Indiana can actually help destroy the abortion industry by taking part in the procurement of Ultrasound machines. Supreme has agreed that any Council that raises enough money to pay for half of an Ultrasound machine will see an equal amount donated by Supreme. It is very difficult for one Council to raise that much money by itself. That is why the Indiana State Pro Life organization of the Knights of Columbus is proposing that all the Councils join together in raising the funds necessary to purchase one or more of these marvelous machines. By having all Councils working together they will not have to work against each other, drawing from the same populace. Your Indiana State KofC Pro Life group is proposing that ALL Councils begin working together for the goal of purchasing 5 Ultrasound machines to be used near the abortions facilities in Indiana that as of yet do not have one.

With 174 Councils in the State we could easily share in the cost of providing these much needed baby saving machines. There are already several of these machines available in certain areas. Northwest Indiana needs 1 or 2. The Indianapolis area needs 2 and Bloomington could use 1, Lafayette is looking for one. If each of the 174 Councils raised $500 we could have a total of $87,000 to purchase Ultrasound equipment. Your Pro Life staff has already negotiated with a company that will sell them to us for $27,000 of which our half would be $13,500. That means when Supreme matches our total we could buy 7 of these miraculous machines. We had initially asked for $325 but as time progressed, more PCCs called to let us know that they also need one. This project will be ongoing until all PCCs will have one. We have initiated fund raising and are looking for Councils to accept the responsibility of raising their $500 (or More).

Is it easy? It doesn't matter; we must do this! 

Thank you,

Michael Velasco

Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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