Culture of Life Chairman

September 2022

 Brother Knights,

Next year there WILL be an Indiana Knights of Columbus sponsored trip to the March for Life, Washington D.C. The Dobbs decision has had no effect in the planning and execution of the 50th MFL next January. As in the past, the Virginia Knights will be assisting the D.C. MFL organization in their effort to bring the importance of the sanctity of life to the people of this country and the hope of the banning of abortion altogether.

Your Pro-Life staff has managed to keep the cost of the 3-day trip to under $300.00 for the past 13 years. (The first year it was actually only $250.00) However, due to the fact that The United States is no longer energy independent and must now depend on foreign nations to supply our oil needs, the fuel costs for our buses has increased by 30%. This increase has forced us to raise the price for the 2023 MFL trip to D.C. to $321.00.

As in all the trips before, we will supply transportation to and from D.C. and all our trips while there. Two nights at a Comfort Inn, two FULL breakfasts, a lunch on the day of the march and a banquet the evening after the march itself.

There will be time for attending some of the museums, Arlington Cemetery, the National Basilica, Saint John Paul II Museum. We will have a daily Mass with our own Indiana priests celebrating.

Along with these benefits the pilgrims attending will also witness an unbelievable experience when sharing the love of Life with hundreds of thousands of excited brothers and sisters, Catholic, Non-Catholic and yes, even with “Atheists for life”. You will see groups from around the world who travel to this march because of the world-wide importance of it. Check the web site for an application.

As Catholic gentlemen, brothers, as HUMAN BEINGS, we are responsible for the care of Mothers and babies. God gave us the greatest gift of all, life, for without it, there will be no chance for us to share the joy of eternity with our Lord. An active “Pro-Life” life is a most gratifying thing in one’s existence here on earth. When you love life and work to protect it you will walk around with a constant smile on your face! You’ll look silly, but who cares?

Your Pro-Life Chairman

      Viva Cristo Rey!  

Mike Velasco
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Culture of Life Director
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Vivat Jesus


"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

The FIRST and MOST important of which is.......LIFE!!!



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