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October 2021

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                     Worthy Grand Knights and Brother Knights,

I am excited to introduce you and your council to the Box of Joy program, a fun and easy-to-run  project activity that enables us to bless impoverished children with a gift this Advent season- and is fully supported by Cross Catholic Outreach!  It also is one that fits nicely into our Faith in Action platform under “Community” or “Family” so I am hoping that your council can consider supporting it!

To get started, I am providing you with some important information that I think you and your members will find useful.

There are four attachments included with this email and please take a moment to review these- they provide lots of good info!   

In addition, this is how Cross Catholic encourages Knights of Columbus councils to activate the Box of Joy program:

>Speak with your council’s pastor (or Catholic school principal).

>Assign a project leader within your council (Note- it won’t take a lot of his time).

 >Register using this link:

 >Order the boxes and supplies from Cross Catholic (everything is free)!

 >Set a date to distribute the boxes following all Masses on a targeted weekend -and then set a date to collect them- usually 2 weeks later.

 >Collect the boxes and let Cross Catholic know when to pick up (everything is free- including all shipping).

Also, please use this link to view a short video. It does a nice job explaining the Box of Joy program.

Thanks, again, Worthy Grand Knight, for your consideration in launching this meaningful program, one that provides your council and your parish families with a wonderful opportunity to put their Faith into Action! And please let me know if you need additional information. Vivat Jesus! 


Terry Waters

Manager of Special Initiatives


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Ryan Borden
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Family Director
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Vivat Jesus


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