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October 2020

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Worthy Brother Knights and Faithful Readers,

Family time never seems to get easier to work into our schedules.  In February time was at a premium between work, school sports, and activities. Then in March everything came to a screeching halt and time was easily found but no where to go. May rolls around and work starts back at full production and more overtime than before February.  Seems to be the way life goes is what some people say.  Trying to stay in touch with people isn’t that hard with technology, but as my priest continues to remind me, we all need human contact. For some people that is the farthest or at least six feet from their minds.  

A brother Knight and good friend of mine has been going through all of this since the start of this wonderful mess. He and his wife have had to help with planning two Catholic weddings with only a month in between the two.  With Governor Holcomb changing our open statuses I have seen the wheels turning and the brakes being applied.  Family and Faith were never tossed to the wind. With the Blessing of Archbishop Thompson our priest was granted approval to perform both of the weddings outdoors, but on the parish grounds directly behind our church.  This past weekend I was honored to witness the exchanging of vows for the first wedding.  Things were different from the normal mass in a way, but it was nice to see them getting married by a priest instead of a justice of the peace.

In these times of attack on Christians and especially the Catholic Faith, we as Husbands, Fathers, Brothers, Sons, and Knights need to show our faith by living it daily.  It won’t be easy, but we have Christ and each other for support.  Praying the Rosary as a family daily to help keep our family active in the Faith. Saying the meal blessing before each and every meal. What better time to start praying daily to Mary and Jesus than now. October the month of Marian Pilgrimages on the weekends normally and as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  Pray for our Nation’s Leaders for conversion and healing during this election time.

Prepare your Councils for the KCIC poster contest.  Also prepare for a memorial mass for your deceased members and invite families to the mass too.  Remember to report deceased members to Supreme and to the State Family Director for mass intention at events. 

FOM needs to be submitted to Supreme and copy the State Family Director by the 15th of each month.  Congratulations to Ronald Adamas of Council 563 for being selected by Supreme as FOM for Indiana.  Continue to keep up the great work you are doing with Food for Families during these difficult times.

Ryan Borden

State Family Director

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