Veterans Affairs Chairman

January 2023

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Brother Knights!

Many THANKS to all our Councils, Assemblies and Individual Knights for their donations to WARRIORS TO LOURDES and the Fr McGivney Military Chaplain Scholarships!   We are truly making a difference during this first half of Fraternal Year 2023 – and I know we will continue these charitable efforts in the second half of this FY.   Please consider a Council or Assembly donation – using IN VET-1 Form available on our state website (/forms).

 At our State K of C Midyear Meetings in Indianapolis – I talked about our emerging efforts to set up a “Military Chaplain SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM”.  

The idea is to IDENTIFY the Priests from our 5 Indiana Dioceses who are serving as Military Chaplains (or are Seminarians opting to one day become a US Military Chaplain).  Once we have that List established, our Veterans Affairs Working Group will Contact these Priests/ Seminarians to let them know the Knights of Columbus support them – and seek ways/ means that our State Knights can assist them with their military ministries.  

We have Chaplains who work locally here in Indiana with National Guard and Reserve units, as well as Indiana Catholic Chaplains serving fulltime on Active Duty under the Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) at one of the 229 US military installations around the world.

Once we have identified needs/ desires/ requests of our serving State Military Chaplains, we will circulate that information to Councils and Assemblies that desire to help SPONSOR and provide some items requested (including Prayers).

More to follow at future District meetings, in the State Newsletters and via other emails and communications.   NOTE:   Members of our “Veterans Affairs Working Group” are available – upon request – to attend your future meetings to speak about our Military Chaplain Sponsorship and other Veterans Affairs Programs.   CONTACT me (Steve Lutz/ Contact info below)

FYI:  Here is a link to an article about two Military Chaplains currently serving from the Ft Wayne- South Bend Diocese:  (This appeared in the Diocese’s newspaper TODAY’S CATHOLIC on 10 November 2022):

TRIVIA QUESTION:   How many United States military leaders have attained the Rank of “5 Stars”?   (see the link below for the answer!)

As always, I am very honored to serve as your State Veterans Affairs Chairman.   KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!   VIVAT JESUS!

Steve Lutz
Indiana State Veterans Affairs Chairman
PGK/ FDD/ US Army (R)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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