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December 2022

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Brothers, we have two projects that collectively, we can make a huge difference in peoples lives.
The first is a follow up to an earlier request to help provide a gift card to each Gibault staff member for Christmas. It's come to my attention that the request came to many councils too late in December to act on it at your meeting.  Therefore, we are going to give you a chance to still participate. We will be giving the gift cards as Valentines Day gifts to the staff. If your council or assembly did not have an opportunity to give or chose not to give, you still have time.  Please send your donation to 
Robert Zielinski, State Treasurer
2306 E Colfax Avenue
South Bend, IN 46615
Please include a note on the memo line what this is for.
The second opportunity is the Wheelchair Initiative.  This is a project that very few councils in Indiana have participated in. Those that have know the value and benefits.  This is a great project for March. Working with your Pastors makes the process as easy as a tootsie roll drive.  For full information about the program and step by step details on making it a success go to  Additional questions can be addressed to the staff of American Wheelchair listed on the contact page. Let's set a goal of 5 wheelchairs per council ($750). 
I'm receiving copies of reports from a vast majority of councils. Make sure you turn them in as soon as they conclude rather than waiting till the last minute.
God Bless you all for everything you do in the Community.
Vivat Jesus!

John Sandwell
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Community Director
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Vivat Jesus 


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