State Community Director

May 2021

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Brother Knights,

I enjoyed meeting many of you at the state convention last month.  The work that your councils have done during this pandemic is truly inspiring.  At the meeting I remarked that all the community defined categories, “Helping Hands” and “Leave No Neighbor Behind” were the most selected.  Activities under “Leave No Neighbor Behind” included blood drives, food banks, individuals or groups in need, schools, and parish needs.  “Helping Hands” includes serving at or running a soup kitchen, repairing the facilities of a service organization, serving the community in whatever way is most needed.  Nearly every activity I have seen belongs in these categories.  However, too many times I see your charitable works placed in “other.”  Please check activities before submitting to make sure your council get the credit they have earned.

Please send me a copy of any community activity reported on the 10784 form as auto report from Supreme has been suspended.

Vivat Jesus

Jim Landowski

Community Director

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