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August 2021

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Brother Knights,

As we start our new Fraternal year, the Leave No Neighbor Behind and Helping Hands activities continue to increase.   Though many of the COVID restrictions have been lifted, some remain so please be aware of these and comply with such restrictions in your area.

At the State organizational meeting held last week, a specific deadline of 11-1-21 was restated to the DDs for all councils to be compliant with the Safe Environment mandate.   As of last week, only 60 out of 205 councils are compliant.  There are 4 council positions required for full compliance: the GK, Program, Family and Community Directors.   No credit for any of the program activities done can be given if these council positions are not compliant.   With the Community activities increasing, make sure that your council is compliant and that all the work you have done, the credits you earned, is accepted.

Under Community is our State Disaster Response Team.  Chaired by Bill McDonald, his Team has responded to more disasters than he can count.  On each response, the Team donates approximately 600 HD totes for victims to temporarily store what belongings or supplies they can salvage.   In addition, they bring HD trash bags, hygiene items, socks, underwear, and other necessities.  They also bring a variety of tools such as chain saws, hammers, drills, and the like and these need maintenance, replacement, or repair to keep them ready when needed.   Funding for this Team in solely through our State Charity Fund and with the multitude of responses, funds are running low.   We need to replenish this fund to keep your Disaster Response Team ready to go when needed.   Here is the action plan we urge you to do:  if every Knight in every council donates just $1.00, this will allow the Team to replenish supplies and respond quickly to the next disaster.   Send your donations to Indiana State Council— “Charity Fund Inc-Disaster Response Fund”.   

Jim Landowski
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Community Director
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(260) 760-1705
Vivat Jesus


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