Dear Brother Knight
We just concluded our virtual state deputy meeting, and one of the primary areas of focus was the need to continue to drive membership growth during these challenging days. I know we’ve all seen and experienced the devastating impact the coronavirus has had on the health and the lives of our friends and neighbors. We’ve also seen the great work that Knights everywhere are doing to ease the suffering of those most affected.
“Where there is a need, there is a Knight” is the way that our Supreme Knight described it to the state deputies last week. The needs in the Church and society are great…and likely to increase in the days ahead. That’s why the efforts of the Order must increase as well, and that’s why we need new members now more than ever. I encourage you to reach out to the men in your parish and community. If they need help, offer the assistance of your council. If they’re doing OK – and are in a position to help those who are struggling – membership in the Knights of Columbus would be a great vehicle to help them do that.
There are three ways that a man can join the Order. Please see the details below on the upcoming Exemplifications of Charity, Unity and Fraternity to be sponsored by the Supreme Council. Registration links are also noted below for all Supreme Council-sponsored online exemplifications during June. In addition, many jurisdictions are sponsoring their own degrees…please contact your state deputy for information on what your jurisdiction is doing. Finally, men can join online, from the comfort and safety of their homes using their laptop, tablet or smart phone, by visiting
In closing, thank you for all you’re doing as a Knights of Columbus leader during these days. I am confident that, because of the good work that you are doing, history will record these days as among the finest in the history of the Order.
Mark McMullen
Sr. Vice President
Membership & Marketing
  • Councils should forward this downloadable PDF invitation to all eligible prospects for admission and advancement (click here for EnglishSpanishFrench).
  • Instruct the candidates to register for the exemplification of their choice by clicking on its associated link within the PDF invitation and filling out the online form. Note that they will need your council number to complete the registration.
  • Contact the candidates to guide them through the registration if needed.
  • Candidates then participate in the scheduled ceremony.  
  • After the ceremony, councils must process the candidates by submitting form 100s the traditional way or electronically in Officers Online. 
Note that candidates for admission must be approved by your council. See the temporary rules for electronic voting (click here for EnglishSpanishFrench).
Current ceremonies are:
Week of June 7, 2020
Week of June 14, 2020
Week of June 21, 2020
Week of June 28, 2020


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