State Program Director

November 2023

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Brother Knights,

The Indiana State Council provides a Google Drive and email address for all Councils?  This is a great way to store documents, share and collaborate on Council events, as well as consolidate communication?
We will begin allowing auto-forwarding your State Council email to personal accounts.  It is recommended that you include other Council Officers (DGK, FS, Membership/Program Director) pr designate a “Communications Director” in your Council and assign him the duties of checking communications – this might be a great way to find that next leader in your Council.
You will still be required to log into the State Council Google Docs site using your login and password.  Your login is the State Council provided email address (  If you need help in recovering your password, please contact the State Council IT Administrator (

Other News
The 2022-2023 Activity Tracker was finalized and published on the State Council Website

The FINAL DATE for updating the 2022-2023 tracker is Wednesday, October 23, 2023.  Please note that this is for State Council awards only (Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria).
We also have a NEW REPORT for Supreme’s tracking of FIA.  You can view your Councils totals for 10874 submissions, volunteer hours, and donation totals here:  
The new Indiana council program submission data.


Now more than ever, we need to not only strengthen our ranks as Catholic Gentlemen, but we need to renew focus in our Councils to provide faith-based programs in support of the mission of our Parish Priests – check out COR and start a program today!!

Fraternal Benefits Night

Your next opportunity for a virtual Fraternal Benefits Night is October 24, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. CDT.  Get more info and register today!

Vivat Jesus!

Scott C. Cunningham, PSD FDM
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Program Director
Vivat Jesus