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December 2023

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Brother Knights,

Focus on Life
Recently, nearly 100% of US Catholic Bishops agreed that ending abortion is our #1 priority.  Our Life programming focuses not only on ending abortion, but on quality of life and protecting the Sanctity of Life.  What have your Councils done to promote our Pro-Life mission?  Have you supported a pregnancy/natal care center?  Has your Council helped to sponsor an Ultrasound machine?  Do you have members attending the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., or other local March for Life events? 
Stand in Solidarity with our Priests and seek out new opportunities to build our Life programming and seek to demonstrate Faith and our dedication to protecting the Sanctity of Life!
State Council Service Program Awards (STSP) – Due February, 28, 2024
Each year, the State Council selects the most impactful service programs from around the State Jurisdiction and submits them for Supreme Council consideration.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding programming within our local Councils.  These awards provide an opportunity to grow pride in your Council.  Awards/Plaques are presented to the Grand Knight and are earned by the entire Council.  While the bare minimum requirement is to submit the form, time should be taken to include pictures, thank you letters, and other background information that tells the story of the program and the impact it had on the Parish or Community.  Take the time to highlight successful programming in your Council and to share your success with others!
The STSP form can be found on the Supreme Website:
Other News
The 2022-2023 Activity Tracker was finalized and published on the State Council Website (    Please note that this is for State Council awards only (Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria).  Awards will be handed out to District Deputies at the December Organizational Meeting.
Remember:  State Council Google Docs libraries use your State Council provided email address as login.  You cannot login to the State Council website with personal email addresses as your login ID.  If you need help in recovering your password, please contact the State Council IT Administrator (

Scott C. Cunningham, PSD FDM
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Program Director
Vivat Jesus