June 2022

Dear Brother Knights,

I encourage every Knight to “Step Up” and become more involved.  You’re never too young or too old.  Your council, parish, and community need your help.  Get the new Fraternal Year off to a good start and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

A few years ago, the Supreme used the phrase “Experience of a Lifetime” to promote the Knights of Columbus.  Its more than a slogan, if you “Step Up.” 

In 2003, I was asked by State Deputy Dale Heger to be a District Deputy and I “Stepped Up.” That started my service to the Indiana Knights of Columbus State Council.  The past 19 years have been the adventure of my life and I could not have done it without the support of my family and especially my wife Lady Sheila.  Working full time to make a living and then working full time to build up the Knights was hard, but very rewarding.   It was a pleasure to work with our State Officers, Directors, Chairmen, DD, GK and FS.  I was lucky to follow and learn from great State Deputies like Caran Siefert, Doug Adams, Charlie Maurer, Bob Lynch, Dale Heger, Jeff Biel, Norm Stoffel, Steve Ziemba, Tom Gawlik, Lawrence Fluhr, Scott Cunningham, and Marty McCoy.

Travelling across the State gave me the opportunity to see firsthand the great Brother Knights we have.   Sadly, I’ve also attended a lot of funerals for Brother Knights; remember Tempus Fugit Memento Mori.  I was humbled to hear about their lives of service, well lived with great joy.   I got to meet and visit with each of our Bishops.  These men are truly worthy successors of the apostles.   I was honored to attend many special events like the rededication of the Cathedral in Evansville, the installation mass for Bishop McClory at Gary, and see the St. John Vianney Relic at Indianapolis.  I got to work with Indiana Special Olympics and meet their athletes at their “Combine” event with the Indianapolis Colts and Summer Games in Terre Haute.  

I was honored to attend several Supreme Conventions.  I got see Knights from around the world gather together with many Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests.  At those conventions I got to meet Archbishop Lori, Past Supreme Knight Dechant, John Walsh, great-nephew of Fr. McGivney, and many others.   Thanks to EWTN, Knights from around the world can see parts of the Supreme Convention.  Check your local EWTN schedule for the Supreme Convention broadcasts on August 2, 3, and 4.

As State Deputy it was a tremendous experience to meet the Supreme Council in New Haven Connecticut and attend Mass in St. Mary’s.  I was honored to attend the 2020 National March for Life in Washington DC and walk with then Deputy Supreme Knight Patrick Kelley and March for Life President Jeanne Mancine.

So many great memories because I “Stepped Up” when asked. 

If you are a new Council Officer, learn the responsibilities of your office, get to know your Pastor, work with your brother Knights, and don’t hesitate to propose a new project.  Discuss your ideas with your Council Officers and after you gain their support, bring it to the full Council.

When I was State Deputy, my moto was “Nothing is impossible with God.”  This was something my father always said and comes from Luke 1:37. What I’ve learned is “We can do nothing without God” (John 15:5).  PSD Tom Gawlik’s moto was “Fully Rely on God.”  I think he got it right.   Remember you can do nothing without God!  Pray without ceasing!

If you are a new Council Officer, please accept my congratulations, best wishes, and prayers for your success!

Please continue to grow the Knights of Columbus in Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism by the works we do and the men we attract.

Vivat Jesus!

Paul Zielinski, IPSD


Good day gentlemen, 

   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as your new State Trainer.

   I will be working with Jon Olson of Supreme and reporting directly to our State Deputy Scott Schutte.

   This will be a Supreme" pilot program" being developed in Indiana only at this time. It will help every Knight to be trained in their position as a Knight from member to State Deputy.

   Our goals will be 

1) all councils’ members know the part they play in the big picture   

2) to make sure all officers needing help receive it

3) to meet with every council in the next two years collecting your needs and input on this program.

4) to work with and meet with all District Deputies and Diocesan District Deputies.

5) To make our state one of the best in the country.

Looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Michael Finley

State Trainer


Fr. Mick wants you to buy
an IN K of C License Plate!

Purchase an Indiana K of C License plate now!
2020_IN_License_Plates.pdf (indianakofc.org)
We need 500 members to either renew or purchase a new one, or
we will not have it come January, 2023

You can now purchase Indiana Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc. Special Group Recognition License Plates for your vehicles (cars, light trucks, RV, and motorcycles) from your local BMV office.  The Indiana BMV requires 500 license plates be sold in the first two year or we risk having our special group recognition plate discontinued.  As of 30 Nov 2021, we're short by 138 plates. 
These plates can be ordered through IN.gov/BMV, at BMV branches, at BMV Connect kiosks, or BMV partial service providers.  The plates will cost $30 in addition to applicable taxes and registration fees.  A $15 supplemental fee and a $15 group fee is due for each Knights of Columbus plate that is purchased.  The BMV will return the $15 group fee for each license plate sold to the IN K of C Charity Fund Inc.  This plate may be personalized for an additional $45.  The BMV will give you a credit if you buy a new plate before your current plate expires. 
The IN K of C Charity Fund Inc is our 501(c)(3) established to help people in urgent need situations; disaster relief, coats for kids, food for families, ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers, and other similar needs.
Other ways to donate to the IN K of C Charity Fund Inc are:
  • Sending a check payable to "Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc." and mailing it to me  fund treasurer Paul Zielinski (4974 Roxbury Ct., Pittsboro, IN 46167).
  • Online donations through "Network for Good" using this link:  https://www.nfggive.com/guidestar/02-0718931
  • Amazon purchases.   Sign in to Smile.Amazon.com and designate "Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc" as your current charity.
All donations are greatly appreciated.  The Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc. does not have a paid staff or board, so operating expenses are minimal. All donations are used to help people in urgent need situations to the maximum extent possible.

Please continue to promote our IN K of C License Plate.  

Thank you,

Paul Zielinski, Treasurer
Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc.


Pilgrim Icon       Communications HERE       Schedule HERE     Instructions HERE

Dear Brothers,

The Pilgrim Icon Program has begun.  First, some history.  The program began in 1979. Each Knights of Columbus Jurisdiction received Marian images to be the centerpiece of prayer services in churches and councils throughout the Order over the last 40 years. In 2018, the State of Indiana received two Marian images that traveled through 38 Districts across the state from November 18, 2018, through June 30, 2020. The current Icon Program is the 19th Prayer Program sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. The first program in 1979 honored our Blessed Mother under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Since then, the Blessed Mother has been honored under several of her titles, with the latest as Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians.  Our current Icon Program features St. Joseph holding the child Jesus.  What a blessing to have the patron of our Church as our travelling icon.  We have two travelling images that began December 12, 2021 and continue to August 31, 2023.

Each Indiana District and Council will have the blessing of hosting the Icon over the next two years.

Please contact Larry with questions at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Icon by the hand of Elizabeth Bergeron. Based on a drawing by Alexandre Sobolev. Photograph by GrapheStudio


St. Joseph, pray for us!

Larry Kunkel
Pilgrim Icon Coordinator


Brothers all!
As we continue to celebrate the Oct. 31, 2020 Beatification of our beloved founder, Blessed Michael J. McGivney, please enter the Promo Code MCGIVNEY2020 for 12 months of free online membership.
The code can be used through the end of the fraternal year, June 30, 2022.
Make sure that when a new brother joins he is read in and exemplified as quickly as possible.  Due to the complexities of COVID, your Council may not have the resources to conduct a live exemplification, but there are many alternatives.  Work with your District Deputy or contact me to work out the best solution for your new member.
Programming and Membership are two sides to the same coin.  We cannot have strong membership without great men to run it.  When engaged in serving the church, take a second to look up and around.  Look to those men who are watching and invite them to participate. Get to know them while you work. Share your life as a Knight, because we are called to evangelize and if they are not Knights, ask if they would be interested in becoming a Knight.  You will be surprised at how many respond positively to God's call.
Remember to use the QR code to sign them up.
KofC-JoinUs_SUP_QR (1).png
Pray for me as I pray for you!
SK Walter Peycha, PGK  
Indiana KofC Online Membership Chair


Good evening.  I hope this finds you and yours doing well.

The online version of the State Directory, FY 2021-2022 has been posted, in Word and PDF formats, on the State Council Google Drive. It can be accessed using your individual, State Council-provided credentials or the State Council-provided credentials for each Council and Assembly.


·  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / password

·  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / password

·  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / password

Please note that, due to security considerations, we cannot provide access to the online directory using a non-State Council-provided email address.


The online directory needs to be updated when anything is missing or anything changes, until next year's directory is published. An important reason for the online directory is to always have a version available where the data is current (e.g., councils who did not submit an IN-FORM1 and assemblies who did not provide a copy of their Form 186 can still make their current information available online even if it isn't in the printed copies).

Please use the form at the back of the directory or contact me via email, text or phone call with any changes.


·  Position change for any position listed in the directory

·  USPS and email address change

·  Phone number change

·  Meeting location/date/time change

·  New/reactivated or deactivated council or assembly

Printed copies of the Directory are being mailed to:

·  State Officers

·  State Directors and Chairmen

·  District Deputies

·  Grand Knights

·  Financial Secretaries

·  Faithful Comptrollers

·  General Agent (multiple copies for Field Agents)

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or call or text the number below if you have any questions about the directory, problems accessing it, etc.

Have a safe week and hope to see you in Indy in December!


Vivat Jesus!

~ Purchase your Indiana Knights of Columbus license plate when it's time for your personal car or truck / motorcycle / RV / commercial truck renewal! ~

SK Rich Laudeman, PGK, FDD

Administrative Assistant

Indiana Knights of Columbus




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