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December 2022

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Worthy Brother Knights,

   I became the new Faith Director in the middle of October and have been spending time listening, observing, asking questions, and simply learning.   It is a privilege, and I appreciate the opportunity.  I will always approach this position with humility and magnanimity.  As Saint Thomas Aquinas explains, "Magnanimity makes a man deem himself worthy of great things in consideration of the gifts he holds from God."    I look forward to working with all of you and assisting you when needed.   
As we start the Advent season, I would like to share a few thoughts from Dr. Edward Sri.  
3 Simple Advent Essentials 
Advent season is the season when we patiently wait for the Lord and prayerfully meditate on the great gift of his birth.
1.  Penance 
Advent is a penitential season, it's an opportunity to make space for the great gift of Christ by fasting and making small sacrifices. When we make sacrifices with love,  we also learn to be detached from the things of this world so we can be more united to Christ.
2.  Devotions 
Spend more time with Jesus in prayer, in Scripture, and in the sacraments.  Advent offers us a unique time to deepen our relationship with our Savior and enkindle the love in our hearts for him. Strive to go the extra mile in your relationship with Jesus.  Stop by the adoration chapel, attend a daily mass, spend more time with Scripture, do a decade of a Rosary before a meal, read a scripture book, or simply be more intentional about meeting Jesus in the present moment.
3.  Get to Confession 
Make sure you get to confession this Advent.  Through confession, we are freed of the sins and shame that weigh us down so we can peacefully and joyfully welcome Jesus into our lives.
I also have a few reminders and suggestions.  Please encourage your council to participate in the Refund Support Seminarians Program--Supreme ($500.00)and the Knights state of Indiana SOS--Support our Seminarians program. (view the state program guide on page 13)  You are not required to do both, but many councils do support both.  Also, it would be great if more councils participated in the Outstanding Catholic Layperson Award.  The application is due 2/28/2023. (view the state program guide on pages 44-45)
We are also working on establishing a Knights of Columbus Indiana Memorial Mass outline or template. This is to encourage councils to have at least one yearly mass for deceased Knights from their council.  I have received several emails from councils needing some guidance.  We do have a Memorial Mass at our state convention but many Knights do not attend the convention. 
Let us not forget that excellence means working together as a team to achieve the desired results.  
If you want to go fast go alone 
But if you want to go far
Go with others 
African Proverb 
Vivat Jesus, 
James Prasopoulos, PGK
State Faith Director
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