Membership Engagement Chair

September 2022

As I set here on Saturday wondering what to write about my new role here as Membership Engagement Chairman, I am reflecting on the birthday of Blessed Michael J McGivney.   I am thinking it is fitting to be discussing Engagement now.   We cannot keep doing the status quo.   Our Church needs us to be engaged both physically and spiritually.  We need to think how can I help our Pastor to further his mission in our Church?    Is it a Spiritual Reflection program, or Right to Life, Gibault, or Woman’s Care Clinic.    I know right now you are thinking why is someone from membership talking programs.  It is because if we engage our membership we grow programs, if we grow programs we grow membership.   The two are interdependent of each other.    Inaction on either front is not acceptable.    Our Church asks us to be active.    If a program we think is in competition, join it and help put it on especially if the Pastor supports it.   I have seen a council come back to life from near death to one that is leading the state.    All of the state’s councils are capable of this.    We need to think bigger than ourselves.   We are a member of the K of C who happens to live in Indiana, who happens to be a member of our council.

Need ideas on how to engage your members contact me.   As has been said, Let’s do this.   I know you can.   All things are possible through Christ.

Blessed Michael McGivney pray for us!

Ed Waldschmidt
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
Membership Engagement Chairman
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Vivat Jesus



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