Membership Engagement Chair

March 2023

Worthy Brother Knights,

As I come off of a spectacular Rekindle the Fire weekend, I am pondering several items concerning the Knights.

First and foremost, are the number of Knights leaving the order. On each withdrawal, I pray for the Knight who decided that the KofC is not for him. Why did they leave? Was it anything that was done or not done? Did his council cater to his needs? Was he one that the local council never reached out to? On each withdrawal, I urge each council that has one to contemplate the above.

Second, are you taking notice of who comes to the meeting or who does not? Has a long term Knight who was regularly attending stop coming? If so, have you reached out to him? Eventually, one who is in this position will withdraw from the council. Do a member survey.

Lastly, why are we so quick to suspend or kick them out of the order. Please reconsider.

Fraternally yours, and Vivat Jesus
Ed Waldschmidt
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
Membership Engagement Chairman
Vivat Jesus