Membership Director

October 2021

Brothers all;
      We are wrapping up the first quarter of the new year and one must ask oneself how are we doing? Most likely not as well as need to be to hit the expectations on Membership.
        I asked at the beginning of the year to do a quick math problem. Take your years expected quota and divide by 4, then add 1 to that number. Take that number and broadcast that to every Member in every Council throughout the State. Lastly have continual contact with each Council/Member on progress or the lack there of.
      The State Family is here to assist with Virtual/in person meetings. With Membership drives or ideas. With Programs that you can recruit at while doing our good. With answers to questions about anything KofC.
     If you are not at or above the 1st quarter number you will need to do another math problem. Take the amount you are short. Divide that by 3 and add that number to the original number.
       33,000 members in the State. We have to SIMPLY ASK all to have the conversation of if are you a Knight, and then ASK one to JOIN US for FREE online. Our State online director Walt will get them into your Council right away after they sign up FOR FREE.

                   SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director


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