Membership Director

Noivember 2023

Brothers all;
      We are rapidly approaching middle of the year. Crazy as that sounds, I need you to seriously look at the goal you were asked to reach in recruiting this year.
Did you do as I asked and divide that by 11 months and set clear expectations for the Councils growth this year? It should have been easier to make that ask of the Councils Membership.
Did you challenge the Officers of the Council to each get one new Member?
Did you make all new Members from last year aware of the Shinning Armor Award? Did they start that Challenge yet?
I stated before but will now remind you now that if (1) each new Member from last year met the Shinning Armor requirement we would be just a few away from our goal this year. (2) Imagine IF all Indiana KofC Members had a friend or family member join??????
That has always been my wish for us is that everyone JUST ASK!!!
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              God Bless
State Membership Director