Membership Director

September 2022

Brothers all;
     Here we are already in the last month of the 1st Quarter. WOW time is flying!!
     I understand that the start of our year is always challenging BUT you need to clearly understand the importance of your leadership in whatever role you have in a Council or as A Director, Chairman or DD.
     All Members should have a personal goal of inviting AT LEAST ONE NEW MEMBER and mentor him in to the Council.
    All Council Officers and Chairman should not only invite someone new but insure the Council stays active. Have the meetings. Be open to new ideas. Bring back things that others had joined for. Make time for your Field agents to speak with the entire Community and Membership. Find what Father needs. Be engaged in the Diocese events. You know BE ACTIVE,  those are the things Men joined us for not just to come to meetings.
      DDs, Directors and Chairman be sure to provide information and leadership to all Councils and our Members. Guidance and encouragement.
      If we all do our part it is much easier for us to provide the Charity and Faith Growth that brought us here.
INVITE (you know just ask) ONE NEW MEMBER BEFORE THE END OF THIS QUARTER. No one said the free online joinus was going to continue forever but it is FREE through the end of the month.

God Bless, 

                   SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director


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