Membership Director

September 2023

Brothers all,
As we roll through this First Quarter of our year I am reporting a slower than our average monthly growth.  Good news is that based on last Years performance I am not concerned about the majority of our Councils. YOU ALWAYS ROCK IT. I am VERY concerned about those Councils that had no growth last years and at zero so far this Year. I have always said if you are not growing then you are dying. Will can not afford to leave any Parish under or not served. Please be mindful of our purpose locally while Supreme serves internationally.
My message is simple at this point of the Year. Whatever you did last Year that worked, KEEP DOING. What you tried that did not, rethink and try again. Things discussed to try, see what you can do to implement.
I have always said this and will repeat. It works. Just imagine if all 33,000 of Indiana Knights REALLY did that.  WOW.

SK Frank Joseph
State Membership Director