November 2017 

We have 3 possible new councils. Is that all we have through the entire state?

I know that we have struggled to get membership. How do you kick start membership? Start a new council or Roundtable. The worries about hurting the other councils is not true. By doing this you help your entire state and your district. You have an instant Star council if you follow my steps. All you need is a parish and 20 members. Look for where we are not located. Do you have Hispanics in your area? Perhaps start a Hispanic council. In Fort Wayne, we have a Burmese community. The KofC does not have information in Burmese but that did not stop us. We have a great Priest helping. So, all we must do is try. There is no harm in that.

Vivat Jesus,

Ed Waldschmidt

Council Development Chairman

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