About 2nd/3rd Degrees

Why Complete the Journey to Knighthood?

Before we can answer that question, we should ask ourselves why did I join the Knights of Columbus? Why this time? Why now? One thing we learned during the First Degree is members of the Knights of Columbus are men of Faith. As men of Faith we believe everything happens for a reason. We didn't join to get rich, or to find a job, or to become an officer. Maybe it was a call to service, maybe we were influenced by a family member, or maybe it was just curiosity. One thing is certain we were drawn here as a part of God's plan for us. He started us on this journey and now we must decide how far we will travel on this journey.

In order to make an informed decision as to where this journey will take us we should learn all we can about the Order. The best way to gain that knowledge is by taking the Second and Third Degree. Our Ceremonials are steeped with tradition, more importantly the lessons of the degrees also tell the story of the Knights of Columbus. The challenges we have faced the obstacles we have overcome.

By completing the Journey to Knighthood you will learn much about yourself and more importantly you will come to the realization that there are many who believe as you, who share your values. You will grow stronger in your Faith. You will be drawn even closer to your family. You will obtain a greater respect for our Priests and a better understand of our Religion.

Once you have completed the Third Degree you will realize it is okay to openly practice you Faith, it is okay to openly show your love for your family and fellow man. Once you become a Brother Knight you will discover there is much we can accomplish together, with God's help there is no obstacle to difficult to overcome. After you become a Brother Knight you can determine where this journey, God started you on, will bring you.

State Ceremonials Chairman
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