2024 State Bowling Tournament

Time: Saturday - 6:00pm
Date: February 24th~ 25th
Location: The 1014Club, 2817 Theater Ave Huntington, IN

Worthy Brothers,

Here is the cover letter and registration form for the tournament. Hope you can make it or someone from your councils. Please pass along. 

Eric Struewing

Cover Letter

Entry Form

Dear Brother Knights:
2024 Annual Indiana State Handicap Bowling Tournament – Huntington, IN
The Monsignor Dillon Council #1014 is proud to be hosting the Annual Indiana State Handicap Bowling Tournament in Huntington, IN.
The tournament will run on February 24th~ 25th. All times are EST. All events are to be bowled at Rainbow Lanes, 850 S Briant St, Huntington, IN 46750. Telephone 260-356-5512.
Council #1014 is Hosting a Dinner on Saturday - 6:00pm, at The 1014Club, 2817 Theater Ave Huntington, IN. A head-count for dinner would be helpful! Planning to see all of the Bowlers here!
The tournament is a handicap tournament and is open to all types of bowlers from the beginner to the experienced bowler. The prize fund will be 100% to handicap. Come join your Brother Knights for a weekend of fun.
The bowling entry fees are $88.00 per team; Doubles/Singles $29.00 per bowler, per event: and $5.00 All Events. Please make checks payable to the K of C Bowling Tournament. No partial fees accepted.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Huntington !!!
IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TOURNAMENT, PLEASE CALL ME @765-744-7795 (CELL) or by Email: toddwayneproducts@yahoo.com
OR FS Jeff Young @ 260-224-5711 (CELL) or Email: msgr.dillon.1014@kofc1014.org
Fraternally yours,
Todd Johnson & Jeff Young
2024 Indiana State Handicap Bowling Tournament
Enclosure: Tournament Entry Blank ( Please feel free to make copies for multiple entries)