Program Guide

MAY 2020

Download NEW Program Guide: 2019-2020 Indiana State Council Program Guide (PDF)

See Page 30 for the Discovery Award Requirements.

NOTE: In response to the challenges faced and restrictions enacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, State Deputy Paul Zielinski has REDUCED the requirements for achieving Discovery Awards this year.

Indiana State Discovery Award Requirements - Effective 1 May 2020

NINA Award Requirements must be completed by 30 June 2020

o  Form 185 Report of Officers Chosen for the Term

o  Form 365 Service Program Personnel

o  Form 1728 Fraternal Survey Report

o  Two Form 1295 Audits (August and February)


o  Fully Compliant with Safe Environment Program

o  Distribute a Council Newsletter or other periodic communication to all members

o  GK meets with each Pastor or Parish Life Coordinator

PINTA Award Requirements must be completed by 30 June 2020

o  Meet all Nina Requirements

o  Conduct One Membership Drive




o  One Fraternal Benefit Night or 50% net Insurance Quota

o  Any four "Faith In Action" or "Leave No Neighbor Behind" programs.

o  Send two delegates to State Convention Virtual Business Meeting

o  Form 4584 Special Olympics Partnership Report

o  Contribute to the Indiana Support Our Seminarians program or Supreme RSVP.  

o  Contribute to the Indiana Ultrasound Program

o  One STSP Submitted

SANTA MARIA Award Requirements must be completed by 30 June 2020

o  Meet all Nina and Pinta Requirements

o  Submit Form SP-7 that meets all Supreme Columbian Award Requirements

o  Achieve at least 60% of their State Membership Goal 

Councils that completed the four required "Faith in Action" programs by 30 June 2020 will receive the Indiana "Faith in Action" award.






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