Culture of Life Chairman

September 2018

My Brothers for Life,           (Download the 2019 MFL registration here.)

Most of the Councils are not aware of the progress that they have made in support of the Culture of Life. I have not been able to communicate some important information to the DDs and GKs. I hope that this letter will reach all those who have no information on some of our Pro-Life activities. 

You 33,000 members of the Indiana Knights of Columbus are responsible for many lifesaving activities for the past 10 years. 

To begin, the most astounding results produced by you brother Knights are the 26 ultrasound machines that you have purchased and donated to some of the 90 Pregnant Care Centers throughout our state. You are near the top of Supreme’s list simply for the vast numbers in which you have participated. These machines have saved over 7,000 babies from being murdered. In addition, more than 15,000 other women went to these PCCs who were not looking to murder their own child but rather went to these Centers to receive ultrasound scans and other help during this difficult time. Some of those babies that were saved at the beginning of the State Ultrasound Project are now 9 year-olds, 8 year-olds, 7 year olds and such, playing, laughing and attending school. They don’t know any of your names but still, you are responsible, in part, for their very existence. Our State Ultrasound Project is an ongoing thing in which each and every council is needed to participate year after year because abortion is still legal in this country. We ask a minimum of $250 from every council. Some give more but none should give less. If a council has only 25 members, we need each member, in the course of one year, to donate $10. The lives of babies and the mental well-being of would-be Mothers is at stake!


Another exciting success has been the Indiana K of C sponsored trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. The upcoming pilgrimage in January 2019 will be our TENTH consecutive trip! The feeling that one receives from participating in this event cannot be described. The excitement of sharing this day with 750,000 others whose believe in saving the lives of our Lord’s great gift of life, listening to the inspired speakers, just being present in the throngs of people who share your true belief is truly awe-inspiring. But what really impresses us is the presence of the youth that outnumber us adults. Participating with these youth reminds us that the future of our country IS in good hands. It is truly an emotional day that you will not regret nor will you ever forget. To aid in the participation of the MFL trip, we have made it affordable and comfortable to life advocates of all ages. Look for the registration flyer on

Viva Cristo Rey!

Michael Velasco

Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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