May 2019

Greetings Brother Knights!!

It was pleasing and heart-warming to see so many Knights attending the convention.  So many friendships were renewed and deepened .

Our State Deputy has continuously reminded us of the focus this fraternal year….CHARITY. It was very clear to all that we must continue to act to help all in need.  Archbishop Thompson is convinced our Church and Catholics are at the margins of society because of our beliefs.  His Excellency urged us to be bold and be proud to support all life from conception to natural death.  We Knights can be leaders in this battle against secular powers.

Supreme’s FAITH IN ACTION model sets the tone and provides the way for us to accomplish much for our fellow man.  The LIFE component has many programs established to assist the councils in their activities.  The Ultrasound Initiative, Novenas, pregnancy care funding, help for the needy are worthy programs to aid the achievement sought to provide the help. Some councils have indicated an interest to conduct March for Life in their communities to bring attention locally to the Knight’s fight against abortion. This is a very worthwhile endeavor.  Let’s see more doing it.

Council 7431 in Mooresville was selected as the State Service Award winner.  Their pro-life activity of placing a cross at the altar at a Mass for each year since Roe v. Wade along with a Rose was very inspirational!!  Congratulations to the Grand Knight and all members of the Council.

During the convention a survey was taken to find Councils interested in the SILVER ROSE PILGRIMAGE PROGRAM. This is a prayerful program with a rosary-centered occasion set in church for parishioners, Knights and interested Catholic men looking for spiritual renewal.  The purpose is to advance the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe which is to end the CULTURE OF DEATH that has gripped our nation. Our Lady of Guadalupe made known her will through Juan Diego and the miracle of the roses. So far, thirteen (13) councils in different areas of the State have indicated they want to pursue this further.  Contacts will be made to complete plans for the Pilgrimage.  The start date is May 29 and the ROSE will be in Indiana until June 17.  A route will be established for passing it from council to council after all necessary arrangements are firm.  This program has action steps to follow so all planning can be less stressful. All interested councils are asked to contact me to be part of the Pilgrimage.

Lastly, our State Deputy has created a new State Award to honor individuals contributing significantly to Pro-Life over a long time. The first recipient of the “Knight for Life” (Cristo Rey) Award in recognition of a lifetime committed to defending life from conception until natural death is our current ProLife Chairman, Michael Velasco.  It was a well-deserved award for a worthy Knight!!  Our Associate State Chaplain  closed the meeting by pointedly reminding all that  one conscious thought which takes nothing is to pray daily for all those in need!


Fred Schmits

State Life Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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