July 2019


This newsletter is presented to you at the very time all of you are concerned about what to do, how to proceed as a new officer and what do first! Not to worry.  All of your State Officers, District Deputies, State Directors and Chairman have felt the same way at the beginning of a fraternal year.  Even the Supreme Officers and all Directors have had the same experience.

There is an order of what to do.  The very FIRST item to complete is the Form #185.  Without this form being filed no one will know who you and your officers, duly elected are or even if you have any.  Please file this form now.

The next step is to PLAN---PLAN---PLAN!!  The basic foundation and action of your Council will depend upon all plans you make. What you achieve, what you want to do and what is accomplished depends upon your planning with your officers all of the activities intended for the year. Your DISTRICT DEPUTY is ready and willing to assist you now! As you look ahead ask him for guidance.  Be sure to attend his District organizational  meeting when he schedules it.

Additional forms to submit when they are due in the next two months will include a confirmation of the Council’s profile for the State Directory (IN-FORM1), a form announcing all your appointments for the positions in the Council (Form#365) and an audit (Form #1295).

A critical unexpected requirement for your Financial Secretary has been announced just as you get started.  He must provide to Supreme an accurate, certified count of the number of membership cards issued to dues-paying members of your council as of July 1,2017. All questions about this COURT ORDERD action, necessarily, will have to be directed to your District Deputy. A link to Supreme office does exist with which to complete his duty https://docs.googlr.com/forms/d/e 

Now, just as a means of providing some ideas for your planning here are a few ideas:

  • Conduct a fund raiser to raise funds for the STATE ULTRASOUND FUND
  • Do the same to raise funds to send your member or members to the NATIONAL MARCH FOR LIFE with first down payment due before September 1
  • Volunteer for all the SPECIAL OLYMPICS activities being held all over the state especially  one similar to a fishing derby held by the Booneville Council
  • Determine what the Council is interested in doing in response to Disney Company’s intention to not produce anything in a State that has abortion legislation protecting babies
  • Conduct a Call To Prayer to ask God to bring his Mercy to babies who may be affected in a non-licensed abortion facility in South Bend

As always, there are many resource personnel available at the Supreme and State level to help you.


Fred Schmits

State Life Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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