April 2017


The Lenten “40 Days for Life” period began on March 1st this year. The 40 day period ended on Palm Sunday, April 9th. During these 40 days we were asked to do three things: Fast when you are able, stand vigil as often as possible and pray every day for the babies who are being murdered each day, the Mothers who are suffering through the most horrible time of their lives and those unenlightened who perform the act of baby dismemberment. If there is no abortuary to stand vigil at, then stand at your county courthouse or at some other public place.

Since 2007 when “40 Days for Life” began, 12,668 babies have been saved, 141 abortion workers have left after experiencing conversion, and 75 abortuaries have been closed!

My brothers, examine your consciences and for just one minute, ask yourself how you think God feels about the killing of babies in the most secure place in the world, their Mother’s wombs. Then ask yourself, “What will I say to our Lord when I face him and he asks, ‘What did you do for my babies when you received the gift of life that I gave to you?”


Michael Velasco

State Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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