June 2017

Brothers,                      [Click HERE to download the newest application/registration for the 2018 March For Life]

As the Indiana Knights of Columbus Fiscal Year draws to a close, it is clear that you have gone above and beyond that which is necessary to forge one of the most successful ultrasound projects in the country. The Indiana State Council Ultrasound Project has purchased and donated 2 more ultrasound machines to Pregnant Care Centers (PCC’s) at the beginning of 2017 bringing the total to 12 sonograms for which YOU are responsible!

But wait, the Shelbyville Council and the North Vernon Council collected funds which enabled them to give Clarity of South Central Indiana a machine.  Not to be outdone by the State Council, the Notre Dame Council is responsible for 3 more machines that were donated to the Women’s Care Center.

With these 6 ultrasound machines donated this fiscal year it brings our total to 16 ultrasounds, funded and donated through your efforts, since the State Council’s Project began in 2011.

Other councils were involved in donations before the State began its quest to help PCCs. Wabash Council funded one themselves, South Bend Councils, Mishawaka Councils, Granger Council have all been responsible for donating machines.  I don’t have figures of who donated machines before I became the State Culture of Life Director but I believe that we have given upwards of 20 plus life-saving ultrasounds. 

I have gathered some statistics from 8 of these PCCs and can report 171 “saves”, that is 171 women who have changed their minds about aborting her own child because of the image that she saw and the heartbeat that she heard.  Another statistic reported to me is 1,654 women who are NOT abortion-minded but rather use the facilities at these 8 PCCs to monthly get ultrasounds to monitor the health and growth of their baby.  

Gentlemen, there is NOTHING that saves as many babies lives, assists in the baby’s health AND the Mother’s well-being than the ultrasound machine. We must push forward in raising funds for this project. No other project, be it of K of C origin or any outside project does as much for Life as this one does.  

We ask every Council to donate to the State Council’s Ultrasound Fund, a minimum of $250.00 per year. With this money we can supply PCCs all over the state with these valuable sonograms. Some smaller council’s are not able to give this much, so if yours is able, donate more than the minimum.

Michael Velasco

State Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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