February 2018

My Brothers,

We have just returned from our 9th consecutive successful trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. This time we not only had 112 people on the two Indiana buses, but we had a bus of 25 others from Tennessee joining us! 

Let me explain. Past State Warden Tim Brown served with PSD Stephen Ziemba, Steve, was the creator of our involvement in the MFL trip to D.C. and has been with us every year. On this our 9th year Tim asked if he could join our group with people from Tennessee, his home since he retired. We were happy to include him and his Tennesseans and found that we made some new Pro-Life Friends. Tim’s group has already asked to be a part of our pilgrimage next year!

For the second year in-a-row State Deputy Marty McCoy, State Secretary Paul Zielinski and State Treasurer Craig Hanusin also helped lead the Indiana Knights delegation. Executive Secretary Bob Zielinski and his wife Babette not only joined us, but acted as bus captains to help us keep everyone safe and together. We finally have State Officers who walk the walk for Life! Each year gets better and better! How about joining us next year! 

Meanwhile back in Indiana our successes keep growing. In 2017our State Ultrasound Fund was responsible for donating 4 more machines - bringing the total here in Indiana to 22 machines. Over the past 10 years the Indiana Knights of Columbus have saved thousands of babies from being dismembered, and has helped tens of thousands of women in their quest to deliver a healthy baby. Next to prayer, the ultrasound machine is the most effective way to save babies. We are also responsible for supplying the first Baby Box ever to save a baby in this country. Our Pro Life activities have also increased over the past years. Thanks to all of you for 2017, now let’s push forward to increase our work for life in 2018! It won’t be over until there are no more abortions!

Culture of Life Director

Michael Velasco

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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