Veterans Affairs Chairman

April 2019

Indiana Veterans Affairs Programs     

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The Veterans program has been developed to help current and future Veterans. To make this a viable program it will need the help of Diocese Councils, District Representatives and each and every local council in the state of Indiana.

The Veterans program is for the good of the order and each council. It can assist veterans who are current Brothers and is a way to recruit Veterans who are on active duty and will be returning to our communities and churches.

This is a two-part program that includes all active duty service members as well as National Guard and Reservists.

First step is to identify former Service Members in your congregations and councils. Who are the past service members and who are current active members in the Reserves or National Guard. As current members of our congregations we need to reach out to them and recruit them.

The next step is to find out what members of your congregation are on active duty. Your Parish Priest may know which or their young men are serving on active duty and where they are stationed. Your own Council Brothers may have sons serving on active duty – have them sign their sons up as members of your council.

It is recommended that at the end of your masses the Grand Knight ask the congregation to provide the council with names of young men they know who are serving on active duty. In the back of the church the enclosed form could be used to collect those names. As a council we would like to reach out to them and let them know the council is there for them while they are away from home. 

Service men on active duty can be recruited and signed up using the e-membership program. Have them go on line at and use the online program to          sign-up. When the service member is home he can complete the 1st Degree Knight requirements and become a member of your local council.

While the active duty service member is on active duty keep in touch with them. Send them a card from the council on holidays, don’t forget their birthdays. If they are overseas send an occasional care package. Care packages do not have to be extravagant just something that says we are thinking of you. Things like chap stick, shampoo, razors, and mints or gum are all appreciated. These items save the service member money and lets them know someone is thinking of them. If there are things unique to your community include that in the package or if you know them and know their taste in books or movies that is always a kind gesture to make it personal to them.

Remember that the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard are the major armed forces. Each armed force listed also has a Reserve and National Guard unit that mobilize either separate or with an Active Unit. By staying aware of what is happening in and around your community you will be able to know who has sons entering the service and who is being mobilized. By showing our young men the Knights are a Brotherhood that cares just as the service is a Brotherhood and we are here to support them they will become active Brothers in out councils.

Tom Peters

Veterans Affairs Chairman

260-349-2419 (cell phone)


 Indiana Veterans Affair Program





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