Veterans Affairs Chairman

May 2022

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Brother Knights!

This State Council Newsletter comes out on the last day of our annual Indiana Knights of Columbus State Convention.   I hope to see many of you at that great event at the Grand Wayne Center/ Hilton Hotel in FT Wayne.  For those of you not attending the Convention, you should look for your Council or Assembly Leaders to pass on the wealth of information that will be discussed in those important Business Sessions.

May is an important month for Veterans Affairs activities.  Early this month, our Order will be sponsoring 269 “Warriors” and Caregivers for the International Military Pilgrimage (PMI) to Lourdes, France – where they will join thousands from the military services of over 40 other countries.  It is a weeklong experience of spiritual growth, Fellowship and international comradery.   This year’s “Warriors to Lourdes” is extra special – since last year’s Pilgrimage was cancelled due to COVID concerns.   In May, our State will make our annual contribution to the national K of C “Lourdes Fund” – and I am confident that we not only met our stated Goal of $5,000 – but will nearly double that Goal.  (NOTE:  It costs $2,600 to sponsor one “Warrior” or Caregiver to Lourdes;  with North American Knights sponsoring 269 people [including over 20 Military Chaplains] –  our Supreme Council is committing ~$700K for this year’s PMI).   I strongly urge your Council or Assembly to consider making a Donation each Fraternal Year to the K of C “Warrior to Lourdes” Program.   Any amount is greatly appreciated – and is easily accomplished using the State Form (IN VET-1) found on our State Website at:   Thank You all for the tremendously strong support this Fraternal Year!

The second big Veterans-related event of May is our National Holiday of MEMORIAL DAY on Monday, 30 May. Now is a good time to consider, plan for and participate in some way to help honor the men and women of the US Armed Forces who have made the “Ultimate Sacrifice” for our Nation’s Freedoms.   Many Councils & Assemblies already participate in local Community Parades; Honor Guards and Wreath Laying Ceremonies at Monuments; Prayer Services; Flag planting on Veterans Graves in Cemeteries.   These are good opportunities for Knights to demonstrate our Core Principle of “Patriotism”, and include Family members, Parishes, Veteran organizations and local Community groups.  What is your Council or Assembly doing this year??

As always, I am proud to serve as your State Veterans Affairs Chairman, and greatly appreciate the huge amount of support you have shown for our State Projects in this area. 

KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!  (Artillery expression roughly meaning – “STAY SAFE”)


Steve Lutz
Indiana State Veterans Affairs Chairman
PGK/ FDD/ US Army (R)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
(260) 341-7556


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