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May 2022

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Brother Knights,

A review of our 3rd quarter activity was astounding.  I’ll present more details at the State Convention, but here’s the total hours volunteered that you’ve reported.  1st quarter 5,845, 2nd quarter 10,008, 3rd quarter 246,296 with 234,066 hours reported in the Helping Hands activity!   There were larger projects in this quarter needing more non-member volunteers and local participants to finish these projects.  Knights formed this union with everyone working side by side for the common goal to help our neighbors and community.   Across all the activities, participation by Bother Knights increased steadily through the quarters.  

As I reported in in past newsletters, it's no news that there is a national blood shortage- the worst shortage in over a decade.  At the beginning of April, 94 blood drives were run with 2,917 units collected.   Only 12% of our councils in the state held these drives.  We need to do more as the need continues to grow.  Many of our councils have scheduled repeated drives every other month and co-sponsored these drives with other councils or organizations.  Continuous donations are absolutely needed.   Let’s get this done!

Vivat Jesus.

Jim Landowski
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Community Director
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(260) 760-1705
Vivat Jesus


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