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September 2020

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Brother Knights,

Hurricane Laura is called one of the most powerful hurricanes to afflict the US Gulf Coast in decades, with officials stating it caused more devastation than Hurricane Katrina in 2005.   In addition to this tragedy is the fear of a resurgence of widespread COVID infections for survivors in shelters or huddled in other halls or venues (if they are allowed to open with COVID restrictions) where social distancing may not be feasible and for those dealing with contaminated water supplies and lack of food.  Let us all pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Louisiana and Texas for their health and safety. 

In volunteer hours, we received forms totaling 596 hours in a wide range of community activities.  Our Blood Drive this month collected more units than last month.  Congratulations to councils 4047, 7839, 8053, 11574 and 14895 as together they collected 192 units.   Also, to John Schneider (GK) of council 14862 for their successful golf outing which raised $2400 for Gibault; and the Lady Knights of the council made 22 blankets for Gibault as well.   

Some of you asked if the soccer challenge, free throw competition, or other such community activities had been suspended this year due to the pandemic.  The official answer is no.  However, we need to follow CDC and state and local guidelines or policies regarding “crowds” (the number of people allowed to gather at an event), social distancing, wearing a mask and mandate that no one attends an event with a fever.   To comply, consider changing the venue (if feasible) from “inside” to “outside” where distancing is more practical, for inside venues divide participants into smaller groups (maybe morning and afternoon sessions).   Let’s not focus on what we can’t do, but rather on what we can do!   

One of the featured programs this year is the Global Wheelchair Mission.  We’ve been advised to send donations directly to American Wheelchair rather than to Supreme as this will prove more efficient.  Their web address is , select “donate” then  under “campaign” select Knights of Columbus.

Brothers, the need for our support has never been greater.  Continue your work with local food pantries or St. Vincent De Paul to deliver needed food or supplies.   Many of you support Catholic institutions such as the St. Augustine Home in Indianapolis run by Little Sisters of the Poor.  Earlier, PGK Ben Perkins and GK Charlie Fadale of council 3433 delivered 5000 hinged “to go boxes” along with cups, utensils and napkins for their 98 residents.   This is faith in action;  who we are and what we do.  


Jim Landowski

Community Director

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