September 2017

Greetings to my brother Knights in Indiana as well as the Evansville Diocese!  

It is a great time to be a Knight!  Coming back from my first Supreme Convention was a blessing as well as an experience that has changed my life.  I wish to personally thank each Knight in the state of Indiana that voted for me to attend as your delegate.  We’ve got some fantastic goals to reach in the state this year, and I hope that you, your council, and your district participates with our state mission.  Nothing is more impressive to a new brother Knight after completing his admissions ceremonial than to walk in the council chambers and seeing a list of Star Council awards lining up the wall.  Even though they might not understand what it means (at that time), they know the council did something special to receive that recognition!  

We have a busy late summer planned here in southwest Indiana!  In Evansville, we are working on a “Faith Build” through Habitat for Humanity.  We work Saturday mornings and the site is located at 1724 South Garvin Street in Evansville.  This project started July 8th and will wrap up on August 19th.  Hours are typically 8am to 2pm with a provided lunch break.

Also, for the area councils we are having a Knights night at Bosse field for an Otter’s baseball game.  This will be on Thursday the 24th of August night game with members & their families that have reserved their free tickets.  

On the northern end of the deanery, Princeton council 1131 is hosting two important events.  On Saturday, September 10th, they are hosting a formation and Knighthood degree at their clubhouse (doors close at noon).  More details are on the state website.  Finally, Saturday, September 30th, they will be hosting the Diocesan meeting starting at 10am.  Al times are central.  Please encourage-or bring- your first degree Knights to attend!

On September 16, at Autobahn State Park in Henderson, KY the Knights of southwest Indiana are having a new member and family gathering.  It starts at 2pm with a 5pm meal and outdoor mass to follow.  A requested fee of $10 per family is requested, waived if you are a new member since 2016.  

On the east side of the Deanery, the Sisters of Saint Benedict in Ferdinand are having a Monastery Beer Festival, the weekend of September 15th through the 17th.  Information can be found at this link: 

We are proud to have our Bishop Charles Thompson promoted to the archbishop of Indianapolis earlier this summer, and we look forward to welcoming our new bishop.

We have many more events coming up, but I’ll bring my letter to a close.  If you need to get a hold of me and don’t have a state directory (page 4), go to the “contact” tab, “directors/chairmen” and look under “membership”.  

Vivat Jesus!

Allan Stockinger, DMPD Evansville Diocese

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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