February 2017

     From: Allan Stockinger

     Subject: Evansville Diocese newsletter

Brother Knights-

We’ve been patiently waiting for the snow to come, only to have it melt away the next day. But I don’t mind the very mild winter we’ve had- we might have to rename the Polar Plunge the Gulf

Plunge if things keep warming up this month…

Washington # 630 will have a blood drive this month. Vincennes # 712 is looking to send a handful of prospective members to Princeton on the 23rd to join our order! Speaking of Princeton # 1131,

they just had their winter sausage sale fundraiser on the 14th, and their first degree team is just waiting from Supreme to finish the paperwork on certification for their team! Haubstadt # 2215 is

hosting a district regional meeting on the 23rd of February, and later that week, on the 25th, are having a craft beer party at their clubhouse starting at 700pm, and you can get your $10 ticket at

the door. I’m told they haven’t run out (of beer that is) yet- is anybody up for the challenge?

Shifting south into the Diocesan hub in Evansville, (district 33) our DD, Darren Sroufe put out a challenge for the area councils to raise over 3,300 pounds of canned good items for the Saint

Vincent de Paul food pantry before Holy week. Holy Redeemer # 12541 is having a Steak Night on the 18th of February, and a soup sale the following weekend on the 25th. Good Shepherd # 14673

fully staffed New Year’s bingo at the school, which is our biggest fund raiser (and we are GLAD it did not snow that day!). Next week, we will be hosting a first degree at the parish on the 26th. We

are hopeful we will get a bunch of USI students to participate in this to further help charter this future council. This council is also hosting a blood drive on January 29th, 8am until noon at the

school. Auxilio # 16454 (chartered during our last state convention) just had a very successful pizza drive/fundraiser at the end of 2016. Many members from these councils and others not

mentioned (including # 565) throughout Evansville are traveling across the Ohio River into Owensboro (known world-wide for the best mutton & burgoo) for the Western Kentucky Catholic

Men’s conference on Saturday, February, 11th. It is not too late to register! It should be the best evangelizing for $30 you get this year. We will have a large section roped off for Knights of

Columbus members of southwest Indiana.

Shifting past the eastern side of Evansville, district 36 reports the following: St John the Evangelist Daylight # 14659 back in November had a Thanksgiving food drive that brought in over 3600

pounds of canned goods that were donated to the Saint Vincent de Paul food bank (maybe we should try to recruit some volunteers here to join our order?) Also, Knights from the council take

an hour each Saturday morning from 4-5am in the Perpetual Adoration chapel. Coming up- mark your calendars, on April 7 during Lent, the council will be serving tomato soup and grilled cheese

sandwiches after the stations of the cross which begins at 6pm at the church. St. Clement in Boonville, # 10257 has begun the calendar year 2017 like it has the past couple of years. The

Council conducted the 2017 Free Throw contest on January 15 at the Boonville High School. Thirteen boys and nine girls participated in the event . The council will also host the district level

on January 29, 2017. Keeping busy, the council will assist in setting up and conducting the annual Special Olympics Polar Plunge event conducted at Scales Lake (near Boonville) on Saturday

February 4, 2017. Knights will gather at Scales Lake to unload equipment, secure tentage and perform other duties as assigned to facilitate conduct of the 2016 edition of the Special Olympics

Polar Plunge. This event raises thousands of dollars for this cause.

I do not have much to report on district 32 or 34 other than Tell City #1172 met on the 17th to plan out their upcoming events for the year. I hope to report more from both districts in future


Personally, DMPD Allan Stockinger is making the rounds, going around the Diocese to each council to introduce myself and offer my assistance and help in any fashion. My focus on these visits will

be on getting councils exited to be in the Knights and get them to the state convention this year in droves! I hope to have nearly all 25 councils in the Diocese visited by early March. Also, my other

priorities are to find a DD for #31, as well as getting our formation degree team certified this spring here in Evansville, as well as continuing my work on getting our second initiation team active again

in D36.


Allan J. Stockinger

Evansville Diocesan Membership Program Director (DMPD)

Knight of the Year, State of Nevada, FY 2008-2009

Council Award, #614 (WI) 2012

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

270-228-4898 (h)- any day before 11pm Central

920.652.4288 (m)- when I’m on the road


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