February 2019

(Click HERE for complete CIC minutes report and upcoming events in PDF)

Our Crew Car Wash ProLife fundraiser was a success, we made short of $24K, with a supreme match giving a final amount of $47.4K we were able to purchase an ultrasound machine.

Upcoming Events: Our next event is Good Friday Way of the Cross, April 19 downtown Indy at the Legion Mall.  The success of this program is the attendance of Knights and their friends.  Additionally, this applies as a council family program. see http://kofc.org/en/programs/family/good-friday-family-promotion.html#/ 

Next Scheduled Meeting:  Feb 26, 2019 Mater Dei Council, 1305 N Delaware, Indianapolis. 6pm Social, 6:30 Rosary then meeting


We are the Central Indiana Chapter, a unit of the KofC. The primary purpose of the Chapter shall be to promote the well-being of the Order within Central Indiana.  We conduct for the good of the Order one major Chapter-wide activity each year.  Chapter activities shall not be in competition with state or subordinate council sponsored activities. The Chapter's representatives shall consist of: (1) the Grand Knight and two elected representatives from each member council, (2) District Deputies within the Chapter's jurisdiction, (3) the State Deputy, (4) the Chapter officers, and (5) any current Supreme Director residing in the state. Each representative is entitled to one vote and must be a member in good standing and initiated in the first three Degrees of the Order. (additional guests are welcome)



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