Faith Director

September 2020

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Worthy Brother Knights,

I am the new state Faith Director for the next fraternal year and look forward to working with you.   Please note the new changes supreme has made by dropping a required faith activity and adding several "featured activities" that count as two faith activities.  We have four and they are "Holy Hour" , "Into the Breach", "(RSVP) refund support vocations program, and Spiritual Reflection.   The specifics are listed in the "Faith in Action" booklet.
These have been challenging times dealing with the pandemic, understanding all the violence and then trying to understand what news is accurate .  Being an election year I am afraid it will continue.  A good source of accurate news are daily updates through a media called "the loop" a daily email can be attained @ https://catholic today/
Please promote Holy Hour with your council and parish Priest and pray for our country.

Jesus Lives Through Us,

Mark Michuda
State Faith Director

260 760-1705




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