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November 2020

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Worthy Brother Knights,

Many councils have been engaged with the "Into the Breach" series.  Supreme has just released a study guide for small group discussion:  Into the Breach Video Series Study Guide.    Throughout the guide, you will find thought-provoking questions, quotes for reflection and calls to action for each of the twelve episodes of the series. Though it is a great resource for self-study, this new study guide is most effectively used in a small group setting.  We are asking your local Knights of Columbus council leaders or parish men's group to make these small groups available to the men of your council and parish as part of the Into the Breach program.
If you or your council leadership have any questions or require any support, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
November is a month to show our thanks to God for so many blessings, such as our Priests, families, and Brother Knights.  Thank you for being a leader.  Brother knights are changing lives and saving lives through acts of love and works of mercy.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Jesus Lives Through Us,

Mark Michuda
State Faith Director

260 760-1705




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