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June 2020

NOTE: In response to the challenges faced and restrictions enacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Supreme has REDUCED the requirements for achieving awards this year. Councils will qualify for the Columbian Award if they complete and report TWO activities in each of the 4 program areas along with 2 additional activities for a total of 10. Specific activities within the 4 areas are not required, and Supreme featured programs and Leave No Neighbor Behind programs will still count double. (Supreme reductions to the Membership and Insurance awards can be found on the State Membership Director page.) 

Worthy Brother Knights,

We celebrate the acts of love and works of mercy through charity at our state convention. Although canceled, we are still recognizing many amazing charitable activity programs that are making the world a better place. In regards to our "Discovery Awards",  the requirements have been modified (see details HERE) and the deadline is the end of June. On the recent Activity Tracker many councils are one or two tasks from qualifying. Below are pictures of the plaques that could be presented to your councils by your district deputy. I encourage you to explore one final push to meet these requirements. New membership exemplification, fraternal benefits night, Faith in Action activity programs are all available virtually. It has never been more convenient and readily available for your councils. The Special Olympics of Indiana will be having a "Virtual Summer Games", and here is the link for more information:  Virtual Summer Games .  

Supreme has their own awards to recognize the councils efforts. Our Indiana jurisdiction will be submitting one council activity for the international "Leave No Neighbor Behind" award. Please send me any activity that you think is worthy of this outstanding honor. See a PDF of the current LNNB status for Indiana HERE. The Supreme SP-7 application for the Columbian and STAR Council awards is due this month.  

The Supreme Council as you know, is the governing body for the Knights of Columbus. Faith in Action programs defines us as men of faith with four categories representing our main priorities as an order. They are Faith, Family, Community and Life. Working with our Bishops, Priests and Seminarians as the strong right arm of the church. It has been an honor serving you in the capacity as State Program Director and working together promoting "Faith in Action" programs that are changing lives and saving lives. The importance of our actions increase our footprint through charity - Identifying us as men of faith that support our church leaders and communities.  I am very proud to be a member of the Knights of Columbus! Every Catholic gentleman should want to be a part of this great fraternal order.

May God bless you for all you do!  

Mark Michuda

State Program Director

260 760-1705

“We are here to help each other

walk the mile and bear the load"     (the servant song)






Breaking news from Supreme!   Announcing a new spiritual reflection program approved by Supreme, just in time for Lent. 

View the 7 minute film and study guides at  In addition to using the Veil Removed 34 page conversations/study guide some additional qualifications are required:

  1. The program should last a day.
  2. Mass should be celebrated, preferably at the conclusion of the day. 
  3. An introduction to confession and time to receive the Sacrament should be scheduled during the day  (this would fit well after the section 4 discussion in the study guide.
  4. Each session, except for the first which starts with the film, should have a short talk from one of the Knights sharing his experience at Mass, preferably connected to the theme of that session.
  5. Councils that complete "The Veil Removed"  should mention in field 6 of the Fraternal Programs Report Form (#10784) that they used "The Veil Removed" resources.

It is important that you meet with your parish Priest, show him the video and tell him the Knights will be sponsoring this program.  The website mentioned a Lenten discount for the first two weeks of Feb. on their resources. Use this opportunity to engage your brother knights as well as the men of your parish, you can make a difference!

The state and supreme councils are anxious to hear how your council is implementing this activity and what success or challenges you have.  We are off to a great year!  After attending several district meetings, it becomes clear we have the best Grand Knights and District Deputies in years.  Leaders that care about membership retention, participation and growth.  Take advantage of our required "Faith in Action"  activities.  Ask members to chair only one event a year to get more members involved.  Involve your parish Priest and remember activity program participation = retention and support.





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