Online Membership Chairman

August 2020 

Three things for August working the online membership
  1. Text your online members
    Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries will receive an email when a member indicates they want to join your council.  It will come to your personal email.  Text the new member with a welcome and your contact info. Get the ball rolling! Here is a potential text you can use.  Get this out within 24 hours of your notification. For those councils with online members, have a plan to get them integrated into your council and get that text out.

    Welcome to the Knights, [Online Member]! I'm [GK Name], Grand Knight of Council 12345.  Our next meeting is on MM/DD/YYYY at 0:00PM.  Text back any questions and I am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

  2. Let's get these men into your councils
    There's a total of 234 online members for Indiana. That is roughly 200 who can be doing good works in your council immediately.  I will be reaching out to all the Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries.  If you need assistance in developing a game plan, I can help with that. If you need training on how to use the tools and what the parts of the Online Membership system are and mean, I can help with that. My phone and email are below.  If I haven't spoken or called you, please text first.

  3. McGivney2020 - Free Membership promotion through August 5, 2020 
    What?  Join the order for free? And no paperwork for the FS. That is insane! Ask the men you know to join and the rest will follow.
SK Walter Peycha  
Indiana KofC Online Membership Chairman
765-336-9454 (cell phone)

Vivat Jesus!

See the NEW Online Prospect Landing Page: IN KofC Online Prospect Form
 Below are the instructions on how to use this awesome opportunity by utilizing   

1) Click the Join button to start

2) Complete page 1 (get everything checked) then Click Proceed to Join

3) Complete Page 2

4) Add local council (If known). This can be looked up on 

5) Add the parish

6) Add your member number (you did the work, take the credit!), Then the Continue> button

7) Enter the Promo Code - INKOFC, the the APPLY button for a $15.00 discount

8) Make sure the DUE=$15.00, complete the financial info, and click the CONTINUE> button.

9) On the final page, confirm the info and complete the application.






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