Online Membership Chairman

August 2019


Take a few minutes to read the info about online membership found on the supreme website [Click this link]. or cut and paste this address: This is the bridge that will get the prospects who sign a form 100 into the council and active until you can perform a 1st degree ceremony.

If you have someone who is interested and has a cell phone, have them scan this QR code with their phone camera:

Indiana KofC Prospect (Electronic Card) Page 

I will begin to immediately work with them to get them to become members and into your council.

COUNCIL PROCEDURAL NOTES FOR ONLINE MEMBERS: Online Brothers are considered associate members and MAY attend council business meetings and functions.  Please strike all language referencing "In the First Section" from the meeting format that is used.  If they have been issued a current membership card, they are entitled to attend.  Only members of the First degree and above may vote and only members attaining the Third  degree may hold office in a council.

Vivat Jesus!


SK Walter Peycha  

Online Membership Chairman

Indiana State Council

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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