Membership Engagement Chair

December 2022

Worthy Brother Knights,

We are coming up to Thanksgiving and then Advent.   How time flies.   Reminds me of our watch words.   Tempest Fugit, Mometo Mori.  I feel the Knigts are a gift to me that keeps on giving.  For that, I am eternally grateful.    

We must look to membership as that is how we sustain our councils.   If you have not done a church drive do so now.   Online membership is the best way to get people into your council.   Paper is expensive and the more handling the harder it is.  Seek on the benefits here.
Engage your membership and members families.   Have a Christmas party for the council and families.   Put on a Holy Family prayer service.  Open it up to the entire church. 
And always pray for our order.   
Fraternally yours, and Vivat Jesus
Ed Waldschmidt
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
Membership Engagement Chairman
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Vivat Jesus



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