For all who attended the 2017 Indiana State convention, I hope you enjoyed the weekend and was all you expected. For those who could not attend, the Membership Department awarded some councils and individuals with either a Plaque or gift cards. Here is a summary of what all was awarded OR IS STILL YET AVAILABLE to all for the 2016-2017 fraternal year.

Frank Joseph, State Membership Director

                             [click HERE for the Programming Awards page]

Francis F Gallagher Award - Council with the highest Net increase in Membership.

     16466 Indianapolis with 37

Richard B Scheiber Award - Council with highest % increase in Membership over its quota.

     16454 Evansville with 400%

Endeavor - First DD to start a Council earns $100

     AVAILABLE (no new councils yet this year)

Alan Sheperd - First DD to have a council hit 100% earns $100

     DD 17 Tony Greives (Council 8056 West Lafayette)

Lunar Lander - DD with 3 councils with 3 or more new net members earns $50

     DD11 Brad Soule

Lift off - First DD to have all Councils active with at least 1 new Member earns $75

     DD23 Dick Ryan

ReEntry - DD with all councils active and at 75% of membership goal earns $100

     DD5 Richard Rajski

Atlantis - DD with most councils hitting intake goal June 1, 2017 earns $175


Super Star DD - All DDs that make star District will earn $200

     AVAILABLE (will award ours incentives at the Summer Organizational meeting)


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