May 2017

Brothers All,

I hope that you and your family are all well, and are enjoying all of God's creations.

We are winding down another year and it again was a huge success when you look at the big picture. As far as Membership goes, not making our commitment to meet Supreme's goals is a disappointment for us, BUT bringing 1000 new Catholic gentlemen to the Order is a wonderful thing. Thank you all for what you do in recruiting, but also all the good charitable work.

For all who attended the Indiana State convention, I hope you enjoyed the weekend and was all you expected. For those who could not attend, the Membership Department awarded some councils and individuals with either a Plaque or gift cards. Here is a summary of what all was awarded OR IS STILL YET AVAILABLE to all for this year.


Francis F Gallagher Award - Council with the highest Net increase in Membership.

     16466 Indianapolis with 37

Richard B Scheiber Award - Council with highest % increase in Membership over its quota.

     16454 Evansville with 400%

Endeavor - First DD to start a Council earns $100

     AVAILABLE (no new councils yet this year)

Alan Sheperd - First DD to have a council hit 100% earns $100

     DD 17 Tony Greives (Council 8056 West Lafayette)

Lunar Lander - DD with 3 councils with 3 or more new net members earns $50

     DD11 Brad Soule

Lift off - First DD to have all Councils active with at least 1 new Member earns $75

     DD23 Dick Ryan

ReEntry - DD with all councils active and at 75% of membership goal earns $100

     DD5 Richard Rajski

Atlantis - DD with most councils hitting intake goal June 1, 2017 earns $175


Super Star DD - All DDs that make star District will earn $200

     AVAILABLE (will award ours incentives at the Summer Organizational meeting)

 Again thank you all and God Bless


Four Pillars, One Mission,

The Indiana Knights

God bless and Happy recruiting! 

Frank Joseph

State Membership Director

317-587-7428 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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