Membership Director

July/August 2020

 You’ve been receiving regular emails from me and others on the importance of membership recruitment…of taking advantage of the Supreme-led virtual exemplifications, of establishing teams and conducting local virtual degrees, and of encouraging men to join online. I’d like to use this Newsletter to talk about why it is so important to recruit new members now.

     Simply put, it’s important to recruit now because our pastors, parishes and communities need the Knights of Columbus…now. The effects of the global pandemic have been many…and they’re being felt everywhere. In our communities. In our parishes. Even among our own brother Knights and their families. People need help. They need our help. The Knights of Columbus will rise to the occasion as we always have. We will do that by making sure that every eligible Catholic man is invited to join our ranks.

      You all know the ways in which men can join our ranks. The Supreme-led virtual degrees, both scheduled (the upcoming schedule is below) and on-demand, Online Membership, and state or district led virtual degrees. If there is not yet a degree team in your area conducting virtual degrees, talk to your district deputy, state deputy or Jeff your Ceremonies Chairman about starting one. The personal touch that a local degree team can provide will be very meaningful for the new Knights who participate in those degrees.

     As we embark on a new fraternal year, I know that you’re all anxious to leave your mark and lead your council to an outstanding year of support for your parish and community, of service to your members and their families, and of membership growth.

Remember the 4 C’s

Changes-You have and will face many SO are you and your Council Changing?

Challenges-Of course there are and will be BUT what are you doing? Being a defeatist or are you finding ways?

Commitments-We have them and need to understand each of our roles in meeting them.

Communication-Leave No Brother Behind. Don’t let dues mailed be your only Communication. Form a Team. Split up the roster. Check in on them(oh and after you find they are ok ASK them to invite someone they know or family member to JOIN US. 

And the 3 A’s 

Attitude-YOURs first and then the Council’s. Be positive during these challenges and changes we are all making Altitude-JUST HOW HIGH ARE YOU SETTING THE BAR? Accountability-Again first yours and then others to getting things done. Making the needed changes.  

Given everything that the Order is doing to help those most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood that the needs in our parishes and communities will increase rather than decrease in the days ahead, we can’t afford to wait. Catholic men need the Knights of Columbus…and we need them. TODAY !

                      God Bless

                  SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director



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