Membership Director

May 2022

     Brothers all:
     As we drive closer to our Goals and the end of the year is around the next corner we need a big push to get our 435 new Members on board. So we have another Membership incentive for
          “RACE TO THE FINISH”
In true Indiana fashion the Month of May is Race Month.  Sooooooooo.
Lets Race to the finish and get across the finish line a winner.
If your Council is not at 100% at the beginning of May and is at the End of May “YOU ARE A WINNER” in more than one way. Supreme goals met and Your Council will receive $50 incentive as a Thank you for the effort and getting it done in May instead of June.
     As the year gets close to its end I want to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE. Also that it did not pass without any challenges but as Knights do many of you found ways to get things done(differently).  For those of you who haven’t NOW IS YOUR TIME.

God Bless, 

                   SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director


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