Membership Director

December 2019



As we are in this holy Season I ask that you make the 4 KofC Pillars a roadmap for your days and travels. Invite others to JOIN US in our Mission of Faith and Charity. What better gift than to JOIN US and to share all we do with Family and Friends (old, new and ones not known yet). Traditionally over this month, people get to see many others for that one time of the year and reminisce. SHARE YOUR STORY. Just what have you been up to all year long? What great deeds and things have you and the others alongside you accomplished? It can be inviting to others to see and hear about these activities.

I am excited to see all the DDs at our Mid-Year Meeting and to catch up. I will also ask that you pay attention to the schedule, as I asked Our Worthy State Deputy to plan time for us to talk one-on-one.  

DON’T FORGET THE 12 KNIGHTS BY CHRISTMAS INCENTIVE FROM SUPREME. Offer an invitation of membership to family and friends that you are celebrating with this joyous season. 


     Nothing is impossible with God!

State Membership Director 

SK Frank Joseph 


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