Retention Chairman

November 2019

Need help retaining more of your members? Here are Must-Do Retention Strategies:

While most businesses spend a great deal of time and resources into recruiting new members, it’s crucial that you sharpen up your retention strategy as well. Retention requires just as much, if not more, attention as recruiting because what good is getting new members if you can’t keep them?

The goal is to create an engaged community of members who are invested in your organization. Committed and excited members attract even more members through social proof and word of mouth.

So how exactly do you create such members?

1. Market to the Proper Audience

Start by asking yourself, who will benefit the most from my organization?

A common mistake to avoid is incorrect targeting. Instead of narrowing down their scope, many organizations market to a wide variety of prospective members. This eventually leads to churn. Why?

New members join up with the wrong expectations. Perhaps drawn in by well-meaning but somewhat inaccurate marketing promises, the new member quickly becomes disillusioned with your organization because it’s not addressing their true needs. They’ll eventually leave and you’ll be left wondering why you couldn’t retain them.

To put it simply, your organization wasn’t the right fit. It’s a painful truth but ultimately freeing once you realize that by not targeting everyone, you’re able to actually target the perfect prospects.

It’s important that you market to those who are most likely to:

A)See the value of joining and aligning with your organization
B)Get active in your organization

To find these prospects, you’ll have to get clear with your message. Explain the following:

  • Who you are
  • Why you are
  • How you help
  • Who you help
  • What you do

2. Focus on Benefits

Connected to the above point, emphasize your membership benefits to both current and prospective members.

Start off by writing a list of benefits that your members enjoy.

Next, decide how you’re going to highlight these benefits to your members.

For prospective members, you’ll use convey benefits through your marketing materials.

The best way to keep members engaged is to keep them informed.

For current members, you can gently remind them of your membership benefits by sending congratulatory emails whenever the member reaches a specific milestone

3. Segment Your Members

People join an organization for different reasons. Make a list of the reasons you think people would join your organization. (Hint: These reasons are likely to mirror the same benefits listed above.)

Once you’ve made an exhaustive list of reasons why prospective members would be attracted to your organization, turn it into a survey. Ask new members why they joined your organization and present this multiple choice survey. Be sure to include a space for “other” along with a prompt for them to elaborate because there may be a reason you hadn’t considered before.

Allow them to self-identify based on their individual needs and interests.

This survey is key to your retention strategy because it allows you to set the member on the right path. For each reason, you’ll create a member journey and profile. This will inform what type of emails you’ll push to the member.

Remember that your goal is to help the member reach their goal, and to do this successfully, you’ll need to be completely focused on what content you provide. You definitely don’t want to send irrelevant content. It translates to inbox clutter and eventually member churn.

Scott Crossen

State Retention Chairman

Indiana Knights of Columbus

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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