September 2017

Brother Knights,

As Council Reactivation Chairman I have three responsibilities.  A summary of the programs follows.  I especially need your help with the inactive councils.  I do not know any of the history of these councils, but many of you are able to provide some of those histories.  Council action is required to make the business card initiative and the Welcome Back Brother Program successful.

Inactive Councils: The State Council has a goal of reactivating or otherwise removing at least 3 councils from the List of Inactive Councils.  The 11 inactive councils are:

  • 7524 Michigan City, 7979 Collegeville, 8651 Sullivan, 9405 Kokomo,
  • 12647 East Chicago, 12747 Milford, 13086 Huntingburg, 13720 Culver,
  • 14113 South Bend, 14684 Indianapolis, and 15251 Muncie.

Please contact Jim Wiltshire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have information about any of these inactive councils.

Business Card Initiative: The guidelines for ordering the Knights of Columbus business cards were sent to all District Deputies and Grand Knights.  Five members of my council have ordered the cards.  We expect a surge in council membership.  Is your council taking advantage of the business card initiative to help your recruiting effort?  Please contact me at H (219) 803-0196 or C (219) 689-3486 with questions or help in ordering the business cards.

Welcome Back Brother Program: The Welcome Back Brother spreadsheets were sent to all Diocesan Coordinators, District Deputies, and Grand Knights.  Some councils have no inactive members on the list, but there may be former Brother Knights that have moved into your communities.  There is at least one council in Indiana with over 100 inactive members.  Reactivating an inactive member counts as both a new member and a new insurance member.  The Welcome Back Brother spreadsheet contains over 12,000 former members of which at least 1200 are inactive.  Put a team together in your council to make the welcome back calls.

Vivat Jesus!

Jim Wiltshire

Council Reactivation Chairman

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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